Atrocities in Iraq remain after the perpetrators ostensibly leave.

Irak - FallujahThis story has been posted on TIP. (Titled – “Fallujah babies: Under a new kind of siege”).

There is a need to spread it as widely as possible. It is a story that should never have arisen. It has numerous ramifications and lessons to be learned. It should be sufficiently moving  to affect the US, no, the world’s population in a significant way. The Australians who offer support one way or another to the US overseas destruction and human devastation. The UN which supports and aids and abets the continuing warmongering in the Middle East and now Africa, potentially also Iran.

It is a story of evil people carrying out evil deeds. Telling lies in order to con the public into accepting killing and destruction. Dumbing down the public to accept human annihilation, suffering and trauma as necessary collateral damage in the striving for control of energy resources and countries. Controls which will benefit the few and bring ruination to the many. Strangely enough, the losers include the majority of citizens in the US and the other member states of the ‘Coalition of the Warring”.

Perhaps this ‘’ article by Dahr Jamail, titled “Fallujah babies: Under a new kind of siege”, will bring some reality to the reader, especially when you  go to the original and glimpse the photos. I haven’t tried to include the deformed baby photo here, because it makes me feel ill.

Doctors and residents blame US weapons for catastrophic levels of birth defects in Fallujah’s newborns.
January 6, 2012
US invasion leaves lasting Iraq scars

Fallujah, Iraq– While the US military has formally withdrawn from Iraq, doctors and residents of Fallujah are blaming weapons like depleted uranium and white phosphorous used during two devastating US attacks on Fallujah in 2004 for what are being described as “catastrophic” levels of birth defects and abnormalities.

Dr Samira Alani, a paediatric specialist at Fallujah General Hospital, has taken a personal interest in investigating an explosion of congenital abnormalities that have mushroomed in the wake of the US sieges since 2005.

“We have all kinds of defects now, ranging from congenital heart disease to severe physical abnormalities, both in numbers you cannot imagine,” Alani told Al Jazeera at her office in the hospital, while showing countless photos of shocking birth defects.

As of December 21, Alani, who has worked at the hospital since 1997, told Al Jazeera she had personally logged 677 cases of birth defects since October 2009. Just eight days later when Al Jazeera visited the city on December 29, that number had already risen to 699.

“There are not even medical terms to describe some of these conditions because we’ve never seen them until now,” she said. “So when I describe it all I can do is describe the physical defects, but I’m unable to provide a medical term.”

‘Incompatible with life’

Most of these babies in Fallujah die within 20 to 30 minutes after being born, but not all.

Continued here.

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