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Lying the World Into War Is Always an Option

Now Hear This! The idealogy, the promotion, the scheming, the acceptance,  of lying and actively creating actual deceptions, exists within the US decision makers range of starting a war without justification. Then expecting to blame the other side for starting … Continue reading

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Atrocities in Iraq remain after the perpetrators ostensibly leave.

This story has been posted on TIP. (Titled – “Fallujah babies: Under a new kind of siege”). There is a need to spread it as widely as possible. It is a story that should never have arisen. It has numerous … Continue reading

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Source of Terror Is UK Government,

says Police Intelligence Analyst.  Tony Farrell had been employed for twelve years as ‘Principle Intelligence Analyst’ for South Yorkshire Police, 13th largest of the 44 police forces in the UK. His job involved producing a yearly ‘Strategic Threat Assessment Matrix’ … Continue reading

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