AGW – Reliance on various data to assess Global Temperature

Younger Dryas temperature variation

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Very recently I expressed a “wish” for a credible, impartial scientist to publish a paper purely on the methods and accuracies of assessing the so-called “Average Global Temperature”.

I expect to be waiting some time. However, two recent posts deal with this subject. We cannot be sure of the ‘credible’ or the ‘impartial’ factors, but what we learn, in my assessment, is that we are very far from a meaningful outcome.

The reader needs only to look at the posts and the comments to see that no one is happy with the published claims.

The first post, on anomalies, is educational and looking good. Then it cops a barrage of criticism, mainly its lack of error margins. I suspect these criticisms are not sufficient to make the claims invalid, but it shows that no-one can publish a paper without some-one disagreeing with it.

Makes the whole scene almost ridiculous. Which is what I see as the whole situation of  catastrophic claims based on such assessments.

Judge for yourself, from these WUWT posts:

How reliable are global temperature “anomalies” ?

Berkeley Earth releases new version of the BEST dataset

And if you want to learn a lot more about the suspect validity of AGT assessment, spend some time perusing the site Chiefio: Techno bits and mind pleasers. Follow his AGW posts.   Of course, also Anthony Watts own site

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