Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012

Now here is a thought-provoking article.

A prediction only, but what provoked it, what is the substance of it and what is the likelihood of it becoming true? If it wasn’t for the amount and thrust of the many Executive Orders and other public-unfriendly activities by Obama and associated people and organizations, this prediction could easily be dismissed as a genuine theory of conspiracy. Such a dismissal is not supported by the facts.

What does come from this article is the fact that people outside of America have solid views on the disastrous state of the American Nation and its behavioural patterns.  Views that are not obvious to most Americans observing from within apparently with ‘rose-coloured glasses’.

By Susanne Posel,

Igor Panarin, dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry School for future diplomats, believes that President Obama will announce martial law by the end of 2012.

He explains: “There’s a 55-45% chance right now that disintegration will occur.”

In 2009, Panarin lectured at the Diplomatic Academy where he stated that he believes that the US will begin to collapse in 2010.

He compared America to Nazi Germany and blamed the US for the global financial crisis that destroyed the Russian economy.

Panarin said that American society is in decline, referencing school shootings like Columbine. Combined with the banker bailouts in 2008 as proof that the US is no longer the global dominating economy, Paranrin believes that the American dream is over.

He asserts that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will plunge America into a civil war that will center on the collapse of the US dollar.

Panarin created a map of how he perceived the US would be divided. He asserted that parts of the US would be taken over by foreign interests.

Considering the social climate emerging in America, Panarin’s words seem prophetic.

Lubbock County Judge Tom Head said on a local FOX affiliate station that he is convinced that Obama’s re-election would spawn civil unrest which would justify the US government’s use of martial law to quell the public.

Head is seeking an increase in local taxes to “beef up” the Lubbock County Sheriff’s office and district attorney’s office.

Head expressed concern that Obama would deploy UN NATO troops onto US soil should civil unrest be declared.

Head said:

“He’s going to try to hand over the sovereignty of the U.S. to the United Nations, what’s going to happen when that happens?

I’m thinking worst case scenario. Civil unrest, civil disobedience, civil war maybe…we’re not just talking a few riots or demonstrations.”

In March of 2012, Obama signed the National Defense Resources Preparedness (NDRP) executive order that declared peacetime marital law. Obama granted himself authority over all domestic energy, production, transportation, food and water, all in the name of National Security.

The NDRP has roots in the Defense Production Act of 1950 wherein the US government was empowered to dispense “national resources” in the event of a national emergency that would define any or all Americans as a challenge to the government.

Control over all US citizens would be required to maintain continuity of government.

The president and advisors would be able to use this directive as they saw fit if the situation warranted it.

It was no mistake that the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) declared the domestic US a “battlefield”. The ability to detain any American citizen without charge or trial, solely on suspicion is key to the power of the NDAA.

As defined in the NDRP, the President allocated control over American resources to specific federal agencies to oversee their dispensation.

  • The Secretary of Defense has power over all water resources
  •    The Secretary of Commerce has power over all material services and facilities, including construction materials
  •    The Secretary of Transportation has power over all forms of civilian transportation
  •    The Secretary of Agriculture has power over food resources and facilities, livestock plant health resources, and the domestic distribution of farm equipment
  •    The Secretary of Health and Human Services has power over all health resources
  •    The Secretary of Energy has power over all forms of energy

Under Nazi-controlled Germany, the beginning of Totalitarian control was evidenced in May of 1942 when freezing of food prices led to national rationing in 1943.

With the Nazis controlling resource dispersion, all citizens needed ration cards to obtain food, gas, and even a vacation pass that allotted the restriction of movement.

Between the NDAA and NDRP, a Nazi-model of control over the general population in America is laid out.

The Executive Branch, having been given the power to control all resources that are necessary to sustain all citizens, have forced Americans to become completely subservient to the US government.

The executive order is not permitted by the US Constitution which states:

“All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”

The advent of executive orders completely circumvents the power of the Congress and gives the Executive Branch unilateral power. The use of executive orders has become popular as a way to control America in wartime and advent of national emergencies.

Obama has set a precedent by announcing the pre-cursor to suspension of the US Constitution during peacetime.

The first suspension of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights was performed by Abraham Lincoln during the US Civil War. This enabled Lincoln to authorize the unlawful detainment of “political prisoners” without Congressional approval.

The second declaration of unconstitutional detainment of US citizens was ordered by President FDR in 1941 with the roundup of Japanese-Americans who were sent to detainment camps to be held without charge during WW II.

For the past 30 years, plans for the takeover of America have been laid in a long line of executive orders.

By stifling Congressional approval, the Executive Branch has been empowered to detain any and all US citizens, suspend all media, and restrict any and all Americans in any and all ways deemed appropriate by the President.

We are in the midst of a Fascist takeover of our Constitutional Republic.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporate-funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

Read what Ron Paul had to say in his farewell speech, here.

Read the related articles below to see where I gain the confidence to publish this post. The prediction may prove to be inaccurate in detail, but the concept is unfortunately conceivable. It is an understatement to say such an outcome would represent world-shattering changes, but changes not unexpected if the world government movement continues unchallenged. Changes more likely than not that will happen, IMHO.

Read the IntelHub source article here.

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12 Responses to Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012

  1. Reblogged this on THE INTERNET POST and commented:

    Already nearly at the end of 2012, but the details of the prediction do not matter if the concept is accurate!

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  3. OyiaBrown says:

    Reblogged this on Oyia Brown.

  4. Kyle says:

    This is just like what John Titor warned us except it’s happening 10 years later then predicted.

    It’s funny how all conspiracy theories that were once considered wacked are being done about 10 years after they are predicted give or take a year.

    The only reason why there isn’t a big panic going on right now is the rest of the world is hurting worse then we are and blame America for everything so that makes it easier for the media to put it politely ‘Lie thru their teeth’ about the news.

    Also this site needs to make it more clear where to put you’re name and email address.

    • Thanks Kyle, for your comments.
      There is no doubt that people like George Orwell (“1984”), H.G.Wells (“Time Machine” etc), Aldous Huxley (“Brave New World”) and others including Leonardo da Vinci (flying machines), have proved that the future can be at least imagined if not predicted.
      In the case of conspiracy theories, they usually apply to real time situations which are later found to be true events and not theories.
      Regarding time travel. This is another thing altogether and is something that I have yet to accept even as a future reality, for anything other than perhaps quarks or whatever particles the scientists claim. One of topics on my list for deeper study.

  5. Kyle says:

    If enough people really knew how screwed up the value of the dollar is compared to 50 years ago we would be in a panic right now and the US Government is trying to avoid a run on the banks.

    • Since the first rescue attempt of the US banking system and the propping up using “virtual” money still continuing there and now in Europe, the values of currencies, in particular the US $ have been amazing survivors. Bankruptcy is not solved by lending the bankrupt more money. Inevitably there will be a crash, with or without hyper inflation.
      The global monetary system hangs by a thread, so to speak. On a knife-edge, if you like.
      The Syrian “war” even plays a part in trying to save the petro-dollar.
      As you say, the value of the US$ is screwed.
      The overall financial system is extremely complex, but the basic principles of cash flow, profit and loss, and the asset and liability balance sheet tell the true story of real financial health.

      The financiers are simply playing games to prolong the dying system as long as is possible, increasing their own wealth quite significantly whilst increasing the bankruptcy of many countries/citizens, in particular the USA.

      All this is my humble opinion. I will be very surprised (but happy), if I am wrong.

  6. Kyle says:

    In the 30s depression when people panicked the banks locked their doors and refused to make transactions.

  7. This post is listed among the most popular, (by likes for this blog), and yet has proven to be wrong in its basic premise.
    In re-reading what I wrote and included, and concluded, I feel no remorse about having posted and keeping the article alive.
    The author has been proven to be incorrect regarding the date but the concept of military control in the US clearly already exists there. Has been since 2012 and is getting worse by the day.
    It is a true picture of the drastic state of the American people’s welfare, well-being and economy.
    A shame that many of the citizens are still blindly unaware of their impending “doom”, even though a huge number of homeless, harassed, unemployed and returned veterans themselves are very well aware.
    I think it still makes an interesting read and has some revelation to offer.

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