Can Hemp Save The US Economy? –

None of the articles point specifically as containing reason why none of the possibilities are happening. When I read it all, maybe I will find something. Maybe a reader can comment on that aspect.

Almost amazingly impressive!

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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9 Responses to Can Hemp Save The US Economy? –

  1. hirundine608 says:

    I imagine the steel industry is thrilled? At the prospect of cars that do not rust, etc. Auto industry shudders, at the prospect of few spare parts required? The logging and pulp industry would be under threat. Not to mention a product that is more durable lighter and cheaper, for use as a replacement for concrete. Would threaten “pork-barrelling” politicians. Therein lie some reasons, for dis-interest by the status quo. Don’t you think?

    • Yes this is true. But I am not familiar with the methods by which the hemp ‘industry’ is being throttled.

      • hirundine608 says:

        The videos shown, for example. Why did Ford Motor company suppress the technology since 1943? Why are we not using hemp fuel, if not for that same suppression of knowledge and accessibility? Or hemp plastic, car bodies? Look how long it took Ralph Nader and his attempts at safer cars. In Canada, in British Columbia the Ballard Fuel Cell was developed. Which the Ford Motor Co. bought into in 2009.After a previous 25 years of development. We still do not see any sign of it? Assuming it is “too large” for commuter vehicles? There were buses using the BFC, in Vancouver, in 1990’s. Still all of those trucks and buses, in the world, pumping out diesel fumes. … etc. For me it’s fairly obvious that the methods are, either acquire the technology and bury it. Or through conspiracy, have the same technology discredited in favour of more conventional explosive energies. I’m not sure, exactly the proofs you are looking for?

        My silly “spidey sense” tells me. On observation, it sure did not take that long; for other sorts of redundant technology, to be introduced. Did it?

      • Thanks, you have covered it very well. It was not in my mind that there was any lack of powerful suppression forces at work, Just that any exposure of them has escaped my observations.
        Yes, about the redundant technology, presume you refer to wind generators and solar panels. I believe they have their place, but as replacement for coal, gas and nuclear, they are blatantly inadequate. I personally am anti nuclear until it is “clean”, safe and economical.
        You are very helpful, I appreciate it.

  2. hirundine608 says:

    Thanks Ken!
    I am not for “nuclear” energy in any form. The poisonous residues are already an anathema. As are the leaks and purposely released radiations. The current forms of electrical energy are being mis-used by those industrialists in control. The Tesla tower was completely squashed. Tesla and his ideas of utilizing and harnessing the earths natural energy, were conveniently demonized and Tesla was supposed have ended his life insane?

    I think it is worthwhile watching this utube vid. The Band of Peace.

    There are five parts, making some very interesting points and observations. While I have linked you, but the one. The other four parts are easily found.

    The redundant technologies I was referring to would include. Computers and the Internet. Compact discs, Cassette tapes, TV’s and a host of consumer goods. Each one, swiftly outmoding the previous but at a cost to the consumer. Since my first computer in 1980’s; how many operating systems have I had to learn and how many up-grades? Each one, an inching along of the technology and designed to capture as much disposable income as possible.

    Speaking of solar-power? Why do all the street lights, have to be tied into the grid? Instead of solar-powered and equipped for motion sensors. They burn dawn to dusk and often beyond. With few people actually needing them. If street lighting were pensions? The politicians would have had them down, long ago. Jamie.

    • Hi Jamie.
      Thanks for explaining what you meant re the redundancy issue.
      Couldn’t agree more!
      This is substantially the modern global problem, economics based on redundancy, consumerism, infinite growth, profiteering and globalization.
      [Well, substantially the problem, IF we ignore munitions and taking over sovereign countries.]
      Waste of energy, resources, food, water – the list is endless.
      Wasted lighting is obscene. Living in the rural areas highlights (no pun intended) the extravagance of unnecessary lighting.
      Wasted manufacturing resources is uneconomical – just compare the T-Ford and VW beetle concepts with the thousands of different brands and models of vehicles requiring so much expensive tooling and the continuous upgrading. Beaut for satisfying our egos but planetary suicide, civilization destructive processes.
      So many feel-good sources available, but a high price to pay. Maybe the ultimate price, if we are not more aware and careful.

      • hirundine608 says:

        Hi Ken,
        A really good summary. Unfortunately, most people are not the ones making the decisions. Except by not buying? Again, because of the demographics of personality as defined by MBPI. There are plenty of people who live with us and in society, that do not understand. Or really seem to care. It’s how Caligula and Nero ruled. Cheap food and sports in the arena. Until the rule becomes, eventually so evil and corrupt before the light starts to dawn. Then after, most people go back to the previous normal and it starts over. Sorry to sound aloof? It is just how it seems. However, I do believe the golden age is upon us. One that might actually allow the meek to inherit? I sure hope so! Though seeing is believing. It is work like the Golden Rule blog, that will assist with bringing in.
        Cheers Jamie.
        P.S. You can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

      • Reference your comment Jamie:
        Thanks! I fervently wish for your concept of a new golden age to become a reality.
        All evidence points to more like a holocaust so I hope for a miracle and minimal suffering inflicted on the masses.
        Interesting times eh?
        Regards, Ken.

  3. hirundine608 says:

    Miracles are few and far apart. I’m not holding my breathe. Thanks once again for an excellent blog, etc.

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