Monckton on his smashing the U.N. wall of silence on lack of warming, and censure

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UPDATE: The Russian TV channel “RT” aka “TV-Novosti” blames Monckton for the failure of COP18 to fail to reach an agreement:

The 18th Climate Change Summit in Doha is drawing to an end after once again failing to find common consensus on what it calls a major threat to human existence. Failure seemed inevitable after climate skeptic Lord Monckton crashed the event.

LOL! Source here

From Christopher Monckton of Brenchley in Doha, Qatar

I have been a bad boy. At the U.N. climate conference in Doha, I addressed a plenary session of national negotiating delegates though only accredited as an observer.

One just couldn’t resist. There they all were, earnestly outbidding each other to demand that the West should keep them in pampered luxury for the rest of their indolent lives, and all on the pretext of preventing global warming that has now become embarrassingly notorious for its long absence.


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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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8 Responses to Monckton on his smashing the U.N. wall of silence on lack of warming, and censure

  1. hirundine608 says:

    Hmmm! While reading the complete article and also his bio, in wikipedia. One can see that in many ways, this person does think outside of some boxes? However he also seems to be a fully paid-up member of the establishment. With the type of connections to many tawdry aspects, of the establishment? i.e. Ted Heath, Margret Thatcher, Catholic church and the pedophile Jimmy Savile?

    With this in mind, some of my reading this week has been on this very subject. i.e. global warming and CO2’s effect on that. The polar caps are melting and the ocean temp’s deep sea, are warming. [Without looking back to that source] It showed that a 0.2 C of deep ocean warming, creates huge amounts of CO2 to be released from our oceans and ice caps.

    That also Mars is losing it’s polar ice caps too. That the culprit. If that’s the word? Is from our solar systems movement across the galactic rift.

    The Mayan long count calendar, predicts our planets movement into that rift. In about 2 weeks time. The Milky Way, MW, has at it’s centre a black hole which exerts an energy on the stars trapped by it, that make up this galaxy. Further more as we pass across this rift into the next looping phase of our solar system, until we pass by it again. The passing phase is supposed to be about seven revolutions of our planet around our sun. i.e. seven years. Over the last ten years or so, that the star[sol] has also been heating up. As the black hole’s energy exerts it’s pressures.

    I also learned that our sun and it’s system, is not from the MW. Rather it is now part, of MW for about 2 billion years. As our original galaxy the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy [Sat DEG] is falling apart and more stars from it, are absorbed by the MW. That some of the effects of our transition across the rift are increased earthquake activity, [Since 2006 substantial increase in above category 6.0] Possible polar shift? Which seems it has already begun and increasing meteor activity. That in turn the heating will be creating more storms and wind turbulence in our atmosphere.

    So, on the one hand I deplore the type of energy we are burning up. It might also be seen as what is predicted by the Mayan’s, in both their math and astronomy. I wonder if they could have solved that “Eternity 2” puzzle of this man Monckton?

    • Thanks for your comment. Just a quick response.

      It seems that you are not averse to claims that any global temperature trends or weather patterns are NOT scientifically connected to man-made CO2 emissions.
      However. you are critical of the messenger Monckton. What matters, and only matters, is whether he offers the truth, which I believe he substantially does. He claims the warmist arguments and actions to be unsubstantiated, and I agree.
      His other seemingly tawdry aspects, if reported accurately, do not alter the facts of the scientific matter. (BTW, Wikipedia is known to be less than perfect in its material and certainly contains some bias against those they refer to as “deniers” and in related “scientific” entries).
      Reading widely on the internet reveals evidence or at least claims of, dubious character applying to most of the leading personalities throughout the world. That seems to be the way of the flesh. I find it distinctly disturbing, (that the claims seem to be true), but that is a different matter.

      WUWT publishes, amongst a raft of other related information, more than adequate scientific evidence to support what Monckton is striving to make public. My reasons for offering full support in countering the carbon control scam, form a substantial part of this blog’s material. I have not yet seen any “official” scientifically valid reasons to alter my thinking.

      Regarding his funding sources – I suggest this to be irrelevant. IF not, THEN one would need to consider the funding aspects associated with the CO2 control enthusiasts, several orders higher than any funding available to those opposing carbon controls.

      I hope I have made myself clear, it is just an off-the-cuff response. Once again, thanks!

      • hirundine608 says:

        I am not a scientist, Ken. I can see the melting polar caps and understand that CO2 is largely contributing to the “greenhouse effect”. One thing I do understand, is our present day society is polluting the heck out of the planet. That a state of Texas sized island, of floating plastic in the pacific ocean, is testament to. I have never been impressed by those Climate Change panels, given that they were made up mostly of vested interest. They were always a way of using tax-payers money, one way or another. I will look through your reference material and hope to make a better conclusion, for myself; to an on-going problem. Cutting down forests all over the world is not going to help, but is a hindrance. I was always interested in the views of Uwe George. Author of, “In the deserts of this world”. The ministry of propaganda is always active. You can fool some of the people all of the time, etc.

      • Encouraging words. The way I see the AGW situation, it is not a matter of science per se, but what is being done in the name of science.
        What is being done is serious interference in the economic and political structures of the world.
        Based on what many believe to be dubious “science”.
        Totally agree that pollution of our air, soil, waterways and oceans, (not to mention our minds), is extremely counterproductive to a healthy future for our grandchildren.
        But the agendas are not compatible with cleaning up the planet, except very indirectly.

      • hirundine608 says:

        Precisely! Then, they never were.

        However countries like my own, Canada, use the science as a way to continue to pollute. Almost like, “divine right”. The lobbyists, can continue to enrich the politicians and business as usual. Now one of the last old growth stands of timber, in Canada, known as the Great Bear rainforest is severely under threat of the axe. The Amazon rainforest, one of the few places shown to not have undergone change from polar shifts. Containing many unknown [to western science] flora and flora. The amazon basin, which is like? Umm, the lungs of the world. Is being rapidly de-nuded just so the financial interest can use it for beef cattle. Like sitting in a tree and cutting off the limb on which you’re sitting. Go figure?

      • Yes indeed! Whatever one believes about the science and the possible ramifications of too high CO2 a concentration, it is suicidal to further reduce major sources of CO2 absorption which are in turn contributing significantly to our essential Oxygen levels. Oxygen sustains life and is a major player in human health maintenance. It is much more than just simply an essential life giving element.
        The higher the level, the better our health. I understand that the level is slowly reducing, no surprise.
        So far I have not seen any scientific discussion on this, but surely there can be no doubt that a reducing O2 content is undesirable, and probably is a more important single threat to humanity than marginally increased CO2 levels.

      • hirundine608 says:

        Yes Ken, that is the amazing thing. Or not so amazing, given the government’s agendas?

        You would think that tree planting would be given priority. When it takes most coniferous about 100 years to maturity. Since I’ve lived in Canada, the clear-cuts are everywhere. After the turn of 20th century, and where it was all cut down where they could reach. The land was just beginning to be re-forested, etc. I would not mind so much, if it was 3 out of five for them or even 4 out of five. Just leave one mountain alone. H-e-l-l-o?? Not only that, the export of raw logs to asia, means a lack of good jobs for and with “our wood”. Then you get the developers who buy up private land, rip up all the trees except for some spindly trees, usually deciduous. Then call it “view property”? Un-“frickin”-believable?

        Anyway getting off of my soap box. Thanks for understanding.

  2. Would you believe that the ABC (Australia) radio news this morning reported – the IPCC projected warming has been shown to be accurate. Hello!!!!
    This is a blatant lie and it’s time the public were made aware, rather than the media wallow in propaganda. Is Andrew Bolt the only intelligent and honest journalist in Australia?

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