Why we should all switch back to ethernet cables: Wireless internet poses serious chronic health risks

wi-fi garbage

wi-fi garbage (Photo credit: Yuba College Public Space)

Courtesy ‘Natural News‘,  this article by Zach C. Miller, is worthy of consideration if you have respect for your own and others health. It seems also to be a valid reason why we should all support the Australian NBN communication cable roll-out even if it is expensive.

Why we should all switch back to ethernet cables: Wireless internet poses serious chronic health risks”

(NaturalNews) While the proliferation of wireless devices has made accessing the internet more convenient and less obtrusive (no unsightly cables lying around), studies are now revealing the trade-offs that come with convenience. More specifically, the dangers that the widespread adoption of wireless technology has created in regards to our health. Simply put, most people underestimate the dangers of wireless technology to our health and well-being, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

One of the most dangerous aspects of wireless is the “always-on” nature of it. The vast majority of people who use wireless routers set them up and never turn them off. This means that they are constantly generating a dangerous electromagnetic energy field 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This makes wireless technology a very significant chronic health risk. More troubling still is the “compounding” nature of living near neighbors using wi-fi. For example, if you look at the wireless connections available in your neighborhood in your computer’s wi-fi network browsing tool, you’ll see neighbor’s connections. All these EMF fields are compounding all around you, so even if you turn your wireless off, your health and well-being is still being affected by neighboring signals.

Health risks of wi-fi

The effects of wi-fi on health are becoming more well-known. Some of the effects are:- Sleep disturbances- Difficulty concentrating- Heart palpitations- Headaches/migraines- Persistent fatigue- Negative thinking- Digestive problems- Brain fog and memory loss- Anxiety and depression- Chronic stress- De-motivated- DizzinessPeople who have reported these symptoms also experienced an immediate reversal (within moments!) when disabling their wi-fi or removing themselves from an environment laden with wi-fi signalsHere are some the symptoms associated with the removal/disabling of wireless technology:- Feeling clearer and lighter- Feeling “uplifted” in the emotional, physical, and mental bodies- More motivated- Feeling happier- Feeling more peaceful.

The solution: What you can do

Clearly, the proliferation of wi-fi poses a very serious threat to health and well-being. I would also argue that our quality of life is reduced by being constantly bombarded by distorted spin energy fields (see my article which outlines energetic spin,  here: http://www.naturalnews.com).
It’s about time we took action in our communities and talk with our friends and neighbors about the very real dangers of wireless technology. Switching back to regular wired internet and disabling wi-fi routers is a general rule of thumb. This is the first step to taking back control of our health destiny.

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  1. Gator Woman says:

    Have worried about this for years. Thank you~

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