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Why we should all switch back to ethernet cables: Wireless internet poses serious chronic health risks

Courtesy ‘Natural News‘,  this article by Zach C. Miller, is worthy of consideration if you have respect for your own and others health. It seems also to be a valid reason why we should all support the Australian NBN communication … Continue reading

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Getting smart about so-called ‘smart’ meters: Presentation and Film – Guildford

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
Join us on 3rd August at the historic Guildford Music Hall (11 kms south-east of Castlemaine) for a presentation by Janobai Smith followed by the screening of ‘Smart Meters and EMR: the Health Crisis…

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The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world

Mike Adams, ‘Natural News‘ presents this impressive post, offering his detailed assessment and analysis of the state of the world and his recommendations as to how to cope with the negative ramifications. (Not that there are any other sort!). Before … Continue reading

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