The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world

Mike Adams, ‘Natural News‘ presents this impressive post, offering his detailed assessment and analysis of the state of the world and his recommendations as to how to cope with the negative ramifications. (Not that there are any other sort!).

Before the recommendations are relevant to a reader, one must accept that the claimed insanity exists, and exists as a serious threat to individuals and/or civilization.

The post would not appear here if I didn’t believe substantially in his assessment. Yet, we are up against a wall, or walls, of respective unawareness, ignorance, apathy and complicity built by the majority of the world’s population.

Clearly, a degree of insanity exists. If insane behaviour, laws and policies exist, and they do, it is not unreasonable to term our way of life, or the acceptance of it, as collectively insane. This does not mean that individuals are themselves insane, but it would be fair to say a degree of irrationality exists in persons unable to comprehend what is reality and what is not. On the other hand, it is easy to connect anti-social behaviour in the forms of war, terrorism, eugenics, torture and deliberate destruction of people and their well-being as actually being clinical insanity, generally termed psychopathic behaviour.

That the degree is serious is not in doubt as far as I am concerned. A negative outlook, but it is well supported by an unbiased view of the range of destructive operations in progress and their links to a deliberate attack on the civilization that we once knew. It is difficult to argue against an impending downfall, as Mike terms it.

Mike describes his concept of the world insanity as follows:

“It’s a world full of irrational people, criminal corporations, deceptive government, the abandonment of law and even the “dogmatizing” of the sciences which once claimed to be based on reason. In popular culture, we’ve got the insanity of the Trayvon Martin drama in which the abandonment of law is now institutionalized in the justice system itself, where prosecutors are allowed to commit crimes as part of a “trial,” and state attorneys are encouraged to misapply the justice system so that it might be used as a political weapon.

In the realm of medicine, we’ve got patients being routinely poisoned with deadly chemicals in cancer clinics, infants being injected with deadly methyl mercury via vaccines, “preventive” double mastectomies being promoted as a women’s rights issue, and now the new “bioethics” idea that parents have the right to abort newborn babies up to the age of three.

The mind-warping linguistic engineers in the media have infected the population with wild delusions while the banksters get subsidized by the government to keep stealing — and losing — your money over and over again. A toxic chemical variety of fluoride is dripped into the water supply to keep people in a never-ending state of mental stupor, and television is scripted to foment hatred, violence, division and paranoia so that the rise of the surveillance police state can continue relentlessly.

Terror events are plotted by the FBI, pedophiles run rampant throughout the culture and television is now sexualizing children and depicting six-year-olds dressed as prostitutes as “normal.” Meanwhile, anyone who cites American history — Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Payne — is immediately branded a possible terrorist and then electronically stalked by the NSA which we now know is reading all our emails and listening to all our phone calls.

At every turn, our sanity is being sucker-punched by a culture gone mad. We are watching the downfall of civilization right before our very eyes.”

Then continues on with several related topics, below, with their opening paragraphs:

#1) Stop wasting time trying to awaken the zombies

First, realize that you are not going to be able to stop the collapse. Human civilization today is much like a burned-out star that has just flamed out its last nuclear fuel. Now the implosion has begun, and the immutable forces of physics will collapse that star into itself.

#2) Boost your adaptogenic nutrition

To survive the implosion / collapse, you are going to need outstanding nutrition. This means that right now is a good time to focus on dropping all the junk from your diet and eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods and high-grade nutritional supplements.

#3) Protect your own sanity at all costs

This point is easy to forget: If you hope to survive the collapse of society, you will need to go to great lengths to protect your own sanity so that your own brain functions at a high level, even when under stress.

#4) Prepare to fight for your survival

One of my tactical pistol combat instructors asked me one day, “Mike, you know why the zombie apocalypse won’t happen?”

#5) Remember the big (spiritual) picture: It’s all a test for your soul

What you call “life” is really nothing more than a simulation for your soul. Earth is a testing ground, of sorts, where you are intentionally forced to face great evil and deception.

#6) Remember that you are not alone

Although you may think you’re wildly outnumbered by all the insane zombies who seem to dominate society today, remember that you are not alone. There are many others like you who still retain working brains and awakened souls.

Now your purpose becomes clear

So take courage in the realization that your calling is to be right here, right now, in the thick of the downfall of civilization we now see starting to unfold all around us. And it is your most important mission to hold firm in your truth even when you might feel surrounded by betrayal, insanity or collapse.

There is some very serious stuff here, zhombies for example.  Yet Mike definitely has his head screwed on straight and does not lightly publish his opinion. This deserves some serious reading and thinking before dismissing even the extreme issues.

Even if you have reservations about some details, there is much which is obviously a true picture. Please make your thoughts available by commenting.

IMHO, well worth some of your time to read and ponder this post, linked here.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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9 Responses to The fall of reason: How to protect your sanity in an insane world

  1. Oliver K. Manuel says:


    I would appreciate comments from you and your readers on the manuscript submitted today to members of the Space Science & Technology Committee of the House of Representatives for their consideration and action.

    Click to access Creator_Destroyer_Sustainer_of_Life.pdf

    The conclusion: Two seemingly minor falsehoods, were promoted as scientific facts after the UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945 to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation:

    Falsehood #1. Neutrons attract neutrons
    Falsehood #2. H-fusion powers the Sun

    • Hi Oliver,
      A quick response because I keep promising responses and never seem to have the time for one of depth.
      The physics is well above a meaningful understanding by me. But I may be able to make some sense of the surrounding issues.
      I see your important issues as:

      1. The understanding and teaching of this area of science is incorrect. Ok, that may well be, it has been in the past and logically will always be imperfect. Man’s capacity to understand nature and the universe in general is constrained by our human physiology, ability to observe, measure, analyze and calculate the enormous complexities.
      We have made incredibly clever and important discoveries and achievements but we are basically mere mortals in an unimaginable total environment. Right in the centre of a structured universe of virtually infinite size and complexity, down to anatomically minute particles and electric charges. We still do not really understand absolutely the true nature of light – a puzzle of wave and particle behaviour. We still have not resolved the paradoxes of relativity.
      Two quotes come to mind, suggesting that we may still be a long way from real and complete understanding: “I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me“. – Isaac Newton. “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein. There is no reason to believe that, even with the giant breakthroughs since those comments were made, we are reaching a state of complete, fully correct, final knowledge.
      Besides, from the education and understanding point of view, any advances are historically known to be made with great difficulty, there is an inertia due to human limitations preventing a general acceptance of anything new.

      2. The failure of science to be developed to your proposed improved level of understanding. What are the resulting practical problems?
      a) We already possess sufficient knowledge to build enough nuclear weaponry to annihilate the whole planet’s population and environment. In fact such a level of latent destruction exists.
      b) Knowing more about a greater destruction capability would not seem to alter the situation greatly.
      c) If knowledge is being deliberately hidden from other scientists and the public, and it is not so much about destruction, but about a hidden procedure for creating safe and cheap energy, then we have a truly important civilization changing issue. This encompasses the areas of
      (i) the undeniable existing nuclear power production dangers,
      (ii) the “suggested” environmental destruction resulting from fossil fuel energy generation,
      (iii) and the global civilization destruction being implemented in the guise of democratizing the world but in reality facilitating global political and economic control, but hand in hand with controlling the fossil fuel resources.

      3. The UN has deliberately hidden scientific knowledge to avoid a nuclear “holocaust”. Has my para 2 above dealt with this issue? Or can you explain this in some detail please? Not the physics, but the politics!

      So that’s about the extent of my off-the-cuff thoughts.
      To develop this further, perhaps you could clarify your expectations by treating the theoretical and practical issues separately and more specifically, and advising if my comments are anywhere near useful.
      Glad to be invited to comment, it has made me pull my brain into gear somewhat.
      Best regards, Ken.

      • omanuel says:

        Thanks, Ken, for your excellent comments. I agree, and will explain more when I get to my office.

        A few quick responses now:

        1. The motivation for the two 1946 lies was to save world leaders from death by nuclear annihilation.

        2. That noble cause “justified” lies.

        3. Almost every field of physical science – astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, geology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar and space physics – depends on the validity and has been compromised to hide the falseness of these lies.

        4. The technology on which we depend, depends on the validity of these basic physical sciences.

        5. The greatest damage has been in inflating the egos of would-be world tyrants.

        They do not know the Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer of Life lurks
        beneath the placid surface of the Sun’s

      • Hi Oliver,
        Even after your follow up comments, I am having difficulty comprehending much of what you say.

        Taking this one step at a time:
        “1. The motivation for the two 1946 lies was to save world leaders from death by nuclear annihilation.”
        Can you please clarify this?
        If you mean ‘just’ world leaders from death, or the public along with the leaders, and by what actual process could that have arisen, just because of new knowledge about nuclear destruction processes, had it not been hidden?
        Annihilation put into action by whom and with what?

        Unless I can understand that, it is difficult to proceed further with my understanding.
        Regards, Ken.

      • omanuel says:

        Ken, thank you for your interest in this.

        It took me 53 years to figure out that nuclear, solar and theoretical physics were compromised in 1946 by Yukawa and Hoyle.

        Why? I also know that the public were deceived about Japan’s A-bomb skills and the A-bomb that exploded off the east coast of Konan, Korea on 12 Aug 1945.

        Why? Fear of death is a powerful motivator, and that seems to be the reason for:

        Lies about nuclear, solar and theoretical physics.

        Since 1946, humans seem to have been enslaved by feeding their appetites, just as

        1. Plants get nutritious soil, minerals & fertilizers

        2. Pigs are fed slop

        3. Cows are fed grains

        4. Humans are given

        a) Drugs b) GM foods c) Reality TV d) Gladiator sports e) Poronography f) Video games g) Gambling casinos h) Social networking

        Being an addict myself, I know there is a solution that Bill Wilson discovered and started promoting after 1936.

        I am traveling and cannot give you the links now, but the 12 Step program can break human addiction to 1. Alcohol 2. Narcotics 3. Gambling 4. Over-Eating

        You can access the AA Big Book online and the Dallas Primary Purpose Group has a detailed program of study that will help anyone understand the specific instructions that Bill Wilson and 100 fellow addicts gave for breaking addictive behavior.

        Again, Ken, I appreciate your interest in freeing society from bondage.

        Oliver K. Manuel

        Sent from my iPhone

      • Thanks, Ken, for your patience.

        I am less concerned that science was compromised by deceit in 1945, than

        I am concerned that world leaders became addicted to deceit, used it to rule the world, and – after successfully promoting falsehoods as scientific facts in nuclear, solar and theoretical physics for sixty-eight years (and who knows how many other disciplines like economics, banking, etc.?) – cannot escape their ego-inflating addiction to get “right-sized” and follow the GOLDEN RULE:.

        1. Here’s AA’s 12-Step Program for recovery:

        2. Here’s a study guide for pp 1-164:

      • Yes Oliver, we certainly share those very concerns.

        The reasons why the “leaders” have chosen their wicked ways are basically academic.
        It seems to me that the very base reason (base in both meanings of the word), seems to be World government control to facilitate a balancing of population and resources.
        Not to achieve any degree of equality, in my opinion, but to ensure plenty for the upper echelon for an extended period of time.
        That would achieve for them, maybe another century or more of comfortable existence before fully depleting the fossil resources.
        In the meantime, playing God and eliminating the unwashed and the “unwanted”.
        A pack of parasites, the lot of them. Basically liars and murderers, somehow we have evolved a racial stream of psychopaths.

        That substantially completes what I feel driven to say at this juncture.
        Regards, Ken.

  2. omanuel says:

    A nuclear “holocaust” was avoided, nationalism and racism were reduced. So, . . . .who cares if :

    _ A. Neutrons repel neutrons

    _ B. Stars make & discard H ?

    Noble goals cannot be achieved by deceit, as consequences of the two 1946 falsehoods now confirm:

    1..Education was dumbed down to preserve deceit.

    2. Egos of world leaders have been dangerously inflated.

    3. Many seriously believe they can control Mankind & Nature.

    4. They are dangerously unaware of the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of Life – lurking beneath the Sun’s placid photosphere.

    5. Their technology depends on the reliability of mathematics and the physical sciences, but they destroyed the integrity of these physical sciences to avoid disclosure of falsehoods A & B:

    Astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar, space and theoretical physics, for example.

    Today the whole world is in a hell of a mess – precisely because leaders of nations and scientific organizations thought noble goals justified deceit.

    The next major EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) from the Sun will cause a lot of damage that might be lessened or avoided, if the egos of scientists and world leaders were not so dangerously over-inflated.

  3. omanuel says:

    Thanks to your input, Ken, I sent the following addendum to the Space Science & Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives and posted it on my web page:

    Who Cares If Neutrons Repel and Stars Make Hydrogen?

    A nuclear “holocaust” was avoided; nationalism and racism were reduced as the result of official deception in 1945-46. So, who cares if:
    o Neutrons repel, rather than attract, other neutrons
    o Stars make and discard rather than burn Hydrogen
    o A pulsar is the Creator, Destroyer & Sustainer of Life ?

    These consequences of the 1945-46 falsehoods provide the answer:
    1. Education was “dumbed down” to hide deception.
    2. Egos of world leaders have been dangerously inflated.
    3. Many seriously believe they can control humans and Nature.
    4. They are dangerously unaware the Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of Life now lurks beneath the Sun’s placid photosphere.
    5. Technology depends on the reliability of mathematics and the physical sciences, but the foundation of physical sciences was destroyed by promoting falsehoods on the energy (E) stored as mass (m) in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies, including the foundation of astronomy, astrophysics, climatology, cosmology, nuclear, particle, planetary, solar, space, and theoretical physics, for example.

    The whole world is in a “mell of a hess” – precisely because world leaders and leaders of the scientific community used deception to try to save the world – a noble goal.

    Members of the Space Science & Technology Committee can either correct the situation now, or wait for the next major EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) [1] or cosmic eruption [2] from the Sun to do the job.

    – Oliver K. Manuel>

    [1] Stuart Clark, The Sun Kings: The unexpected tragedy of Richard Carrington and the tale of how modern astronomy began (Princeton University Press, 2007) 224 pages:

    [2] I. G. Usoskin, B. Kromer, F. Ludlow, J. Beer, M. Friedrich, G. A. Kovaltsov, S. K. Solanki and L. Wacker, “The AD775 cosmic event revisited: The Sun is to blame,” Astronomy & Astrophysics Letters 552, L3 (2013):

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