Snow, hail and rain make for dangerous conditions on state’s roads

STAFF WRITER        Mercury October 13, 2013 10:01PM

Note the date – 6 weeks into Spring.

Being provocative of course, but winter should have departed, even in Tasmania!

Not conclusive, naturally, but this is a reminder to those that still think global warming is a disaster because it is hotter than normal in some places.

Science has it that global temperature is an average (of some sorts) of various places on the planet (hopefully not cherry-picked), that include extreme “colds” and extreme “hots”.

The road to Mount Wellington is closed at The Springs because of heavy snowfalls. Source: Mercury

SNOW, hail and rain have created hazardous driving conditions across the state.

Police are warning drivers to take care on elevated roads overnight.

Snow and ice will affect most elevated roads above 400 metres.

Police have received reports of hail on roads in the south of the state.

The Arthur Highway near Port Arthur has slippery driving conditions because of heavy hail.

Motorists are urged to drive to the conditions and proceed with caution on roads affected by ice,snow and hail.

The road to Mt Wellington has been closed at The Springs because of heavy snowfalls

See the Bureau of Meteorology site for the latest on Tasmania’s weather and warnings.

The Mercury article linked here.

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