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Moronic: Greens MP links NSW bush fires to climate policy

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Greens see images like this as an opportunity to make cheap political points Adam Bandt is a typical Greenie, and because he, like all the rest of them, is on an ideological crusade and…

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BFP Exposé: CIA-Obama-George Soros Coordinated Misinformation Campaign Targets Russia

Another informative article from ‘Boiling Frogs’ Democracy Now Tags Indicted Multi-Millionaire Crook as a Whistleblower and Goes after Russia! On October 15, 2013, Democracy Now! dedicated an entire hour to a segment titled Another U.S. Whistleblower Behind Bars? Investor Jailed … Continue reading

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The IPCC: Looking 95% Foolish

From ‘No Frakking Consensus’, something worth reading, and believing! Unlike the unscientific garbage being promulgated on the mainstream media by paid and partial, agenda-driven spokespersons. As the gap between its models and reality has grown, the IPCC has become more … Continue reading

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All the Government’s Men: Agents of Terror on Payroll

From Sybil Edmonds “Boiling Frogs”, this telling article about corruption at high levels. The Establishment Says “2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + more 2’s = 0” Since the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, through quasi investigative reports, leaks, … Continue reading

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Adverse Events, Latrogenic Injury and Error in Medicine

This is a possible case of copyright infringement but I find it hard to believe that it is not considered as fair use and of justifiable value to the public. Due acknowledgement is made to the author and a source … Continue reading

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