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Lewandowsky forgets who funds his university: the Aussie taxpayer

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Cook ‘n’ Lew UPDATE: Another article in Psychological Science claims that critics of Lewandowsky’s work were: “invited to submit a commentary for publication in Psychological Science, but never acted on that invitation.” I for one have…

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Harvard University: Big Pharma is Corrupted;

From ‘PRWeb’, a very interesting claim by Harvard University about  Big Pharma Institutional corruption. However, here within lies the obvious basic problem – “The CBCD invites pharmaceutical executives to contact the Center to discuss forward thinking strategies that can help … Continue reading

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From nsnbc, this extremely important and global health threat situation needs to be made public. THE CRISIS IN FUKUSHIMA HAS TURNED INTO A GLOBAL CRISIS WITH THE POTENTIAL OF TURNING INTO A GLOBAL CATASTROPHE – AT ANY MOMENT. nsnbc , – … Continue reading

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