Documentary: How the Global Warming Scare Began

Thanks to WUWT for posting this presentation.
There are a few minor imperfections but the overall information, science and conclusions are fully substantiated by the contents.
It is a telling point that the scientist who basically initiated the scare of CO2 being significant in affecting global temperature, later recanted and tried to redeem himself, only to be labelled as senile. Typical instance of the documented truth being swamped by rhetoric and blatant lies.
Then the issue of funding – CO2 influence and carbon trading skeptics are criticized as being funded by vested interests, yet the whole global warming scare empire was built up and is still sustained by mega financing from governments. Strange how, again, truth is squashed by untrue misinformation.
Anyone wishing to debate the validity of this presentation is invited to comment with sensible and logical questions or refutations.

Watts Up With That?

Here is an entertaining and well researched video documentary from my friend John Coleman at KUSI-TV about the history of the Keeling Curve and its founder.


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