Australian National University: Forget the Climate Facts, We need Opinions

A strange scientific argument. Opinions are more meaningful than scientific facts.
Well, he doesn’t actually say that, but that opinions are needed, more of them and stronger ones, in order to brainwash the public into their way of thinking.
And “way of thinking” is exactly what it is!
The science, or at least genuine science, has been left way behind.
Now, unsubstantiated claims of climate extremes being the worst ever, blah, blah, blah, do con the public, but they will never wash with the scientific and technical trained opponents of the CO2 and carbon trading, political and financial, band-wagon agenda-driven alarmists.

Watts Up With That?

Another case of “The ends justify the means”

Submitted by Eric Worrall

Rod Lamberts, director of the Australian National Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University, claims facts  won’t win the climate debate.

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