US sets Europe and Russia at war

This post by Finian Cunningham (PTV), on ‘msnbc‘ seems to be a realistic assessment.

Hopefully, an actual physical war will not result, but the “makings” are there and possibly/probably the intentions.

When US President Barack Obama embarked on his European tour this week there was the usual sycophantic Western media image of the American leader as a benefactor. Obama, so the story went, was coming to unite and support Europe in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Obama_Europe_USA_PTVWith tiresome florid speechifying, Obama claimed that the US and Europe have together historically built up institutions of international law and democracy and that the “allies” would now stand together against Russian “brute behavior” just as they had done during the Cold War against the Soviet Union.

The facts are the opposite. The US has sought to divide Europe from Russia and sow conflict in Eurasia ever since the end of the Second World War nearly 70 years ago. That is a continuum to the present day. The main objective for Washington is to prevent Europe developing closer relations with Russia. Central to the problem, from the US point of view, is to curb Europe and Russia becoming strategic energy partners.

The reservation I would suggest appropriate is that the evidence that the US is the instigator is not clear. More likely it is a “cabal” (perhaps is the correct word), for which Obama is the “spokesperson” and main contributor of rhetoric, and the US military power and canon fodder. In other words, a major player in the ‘New World Government’ but not the sole power.

Obama somehow cons the people into supporting him but it may be unfair to American citizens for us to unthinkingly connect him too strongly to the country itself. Sure, they elected him for some inexplicable reason(s), but I hope that, in this issue, he is not representing the people of the USA.

The complete source article linked here.


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3 Responses to US sets Europe and Russia at war

  1. hirundine608 says:

    There is plenty of evidence that during the previous “cold war”. The collusion, especially between secret services, was rampant is evident. It is possible that like Afghanistan when Soviets invaded. [An invasion that was encouraged by U.S.A.] The Soviets were looking for a warm seaport to ship oil and gas. Heroin too, we can suppose? Yes, I’m aware Afghanistan is landlocked. But Iran is not. Which brings the Crimea thing into sharp contrast, now doesn’t it? The conflict is one where ordinary people are killed; creating more wealth for industrials. One that will not see the children of the elite be a part of. Except as nice little cozy appointments, safely in the rear. The grunts on both sides will be used. As too the tax-payers. Who will all live in fear of nuclear annihilation

  2. The former Ukrainian clown presidency was basically untenable, as widespread corruption in the stateapparatus could cause even dulyappointed presidents to leave the scene. Without the interference of foreign countries, Ukraine couldprobably solve its problems. In practice, however, East and West are supporting their fans,throwing the country in a dummy crisis.Ukraine was part of the Russian territory, leading to a bipolar division of its population,which is not a complex issue, as it has happened in EU before.Meanwhile, there has never been such a crisis in EU, making it the focus of the G8.The West has expressed its penchant for interfering in Ukraine. The presence of their VIPs in the protests is not a secret. However, the future of Ukraine lies in the hands of ethnic Russians, giving Russia the perfect pretext for interfering in its affairs. What caused the crisis in Ukraine? The future of EU energy and the Middle East are the answers. The US is very much interested in EU’s energy relations with Russia and it is trying to monitor any deals. In terms of strategic objectives Russia has huge interests in EU. Ukraine, also,provided a great opportunity for the US regarding probable Russia’s relative superiority in the Middle East and EU-Russia ties. Here, an old Pulp Fiction supporting humanitarian aid amid agitated protests is repeated again. It was US senators, and EU countries like Germany, France and others who invaded Ukraine first. Among Ukrainian demonstrators, they were just like dancing rats in the land of snakes. And the inevitable happened, Crimea Fell, leading to Putin’s involvement. If Ukraine joins the West, Russia will not be a threat to the future of energy supplies to Europe. On the contrary, Ukraine will be a threat to Russian interests and a regulator of energy between EUand Russia. If the US is tocontrol the energy tap, then it will bring something new to the negotiatingtable against Russia’s superior position. President Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia shows the strong connections between the two crises.

    Regards, Mc.

    • Thanks for your very informative comment. Hope our readers read it.
      Nothing is ever straightforward and this is particularly complex.
      I still see Putin as the lesser evil because there is so much valid suspicion about the Western and EU agendas.
      Regards, Ken.

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