Gee, siting problems and intrument error in sea level gauges

Its IPCC’s alarmist propaganda time again.
One, and one of many, parameters that are touted as “almost certainly’ or “likely” to mean the planet is undergoing “climate changes” due to mankind’s influence , (somehow linked to increasing atmospheric CO2 levels changing from 0.038% to .04%), is the claimed rising level of the ocean waters.
I offer this article of impressive scientific content and logical thinking, to give reasonable cause for doubt about the significance of the IPCC claims. A similarly sound assessment of the others, pretty well all in fact, leads open-minded scientists to similar conclusions such as this:
“It looks to me like any statements about “Sea Level Rise” based on the instrumental record are pretty darned dodgy. Personally, I think we have more useful information from things like the ancient ports all around the world that are now a ways inland.

By that measure, any “rise” now is really just a recovery from a drop during the Little Ice Age.”

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This is a familiar story. Gauge history, calibration, and movement / change are all contributory to unusable sea level data records. Averaging it all together doesn’t fix it, either. Sounds rather like the temperature data…

The paper is well written, an easy read, and helps get a good understanding of the issues involved with sea level measurement. The author does lead off with the obligatory “Kiss The Ring” of Global Warming, then proceeds to do some good science anyway… Looks like we can add surveyors to the list of folks prone to precision and careful work who “find issues” in how the data is handled. (Along with chemists, engineers, aviators and aviation tech, farmers, …) The paper:

International Federation of Surveyors

Article of the Month
July 2010

The Difficulties in Using Tide Gauges to Monitor Long-Term Sea Level Change
John HANNAH, New Zealand

They also have a pdf available…

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  1. omanuel says:

    Thanks to a daring act of bravery by a nuclear geochemist, Dr. KAZUO KURODA, sixty-nine years ago in the closing days of WWII:

    The Puppetmaster of Climategate was identified today on Steven Goddard’s discussion of Climategate and “What should we be striving for now?”

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