Is This The Healthiest Diet On Earth?

 A post on Facebook linked this article and it seems well worth reading.  The blog is called “Modern Health Monk” belonging to

I like his style and commonsense advice and information.

Here follows an extract from the article,  which, in its entirety, is linked here.

#3 It takes too much thinking

Why the hell would you want to have to sit down and ponder for 5 minutes when considering eating a food? “Hmmm is this part of my diet?”

The one rule here is logic: eat food that looks like it was grown on this planet (and not in a factory).

So What Do I Eat?

Real Food Infographic Without Headline

Part 1: Awesome Foods -Eat As Much As You Want, When You Want

Real food!

  • Drinks without calories (Water, Coffee, Tea). I basically drink coffee in the morning, then drink tea and water throughout the day. Coffee is fine, but for some people it can cause that kind of queasy feeling in the stomach. Always drink it with food in your stomach, and not on an empty stomach. Coffee actually stimulates the stomach to produce more acid – which is normally fine in most people, but if you have tummy issues, you might want to cut down or drink it less strong (heresy, I know).
  • Protein — Chicken, fish, eggs (Grass fed). Stick with grass fed meats and animal proteins because they are higher in the good stuff and lower in the bad stuff.  Better Omega 6:3 ratios.  Cattle tend to have their fatty acid ratios messed up when they are fed grain for too long.
  • Vegetables – Eat these bad boys all day long.
  • Nuts, seeds – A fantastic snack. Protein + fat = you feel full forever.  They are high in calories though, so make sure you aren’t eating cupfuls.

Part 2: Chill Bro! Take it Easy On These – Safe to Eat Regularly But Reduce For Fat Loss:

Chill Bro! Take it Easy on These Foods

  • Whole grains. Many people think they are getting healthy by eating vast quantities of whole grains, but in reality they’re finding themselves with a high-carbohydrate high-sugar diet.  Also, many people are gluten intolerant and don’t even know it — I don’t eat any bread or pasta anymore because of this. It took me until I was 24 (and a lot of illness & medical testing) to find out. Sometimes you don’t know how good you’ll feel until you eliminate something.
  • Brown Rice – If you are eating clean but still aren’t dropping weight (and you eat a lot of rice or whole grains) cut down the amount of rice.
  • Sweet potatoes/potatoes – High calorie/carb. Fine normally, but for extra fat loss cut down on these.
  • Fruits & Fruit Juices – Just get rid of fruit juices altogether, eat fruits sparingly
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is fine to drink (don’t be an idiot…), but know that beer has more carbohydrates than wine. If you’re obviously out boozing alot and getting a spare tire, you already know what you need to do.

Part 3: Eat These and You Will Die (Slowly)

  • Things in packages – This is basically the entire center of the grocery store. Aisles 1-15. All shitty “food.” I’m not even really going to go into things you should specifically avoid because I don’t want you wasting your time. Avoid things in packages as best as you can. The scary thing is that even foods marketed as “health foods” contain dyes, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, and many other things you don’t want to be consuming.
  • Refined Carbohydrates – White bread, white flour, white rice. White things.  Refined flours started out as whole grains – and then the husk and bran (all the stuff with nutrients, fiber, etc.) was removed. Then it’s bleached so it can be white. The same is true of white rice which is bleached then polished.  White rice is a staple all over the world because it’s more attractive, shelf stable, and cooks quicker — not because it’s healthier or “more natural.”
  • Obviously Fake Non-Foods – Things you know you should not be eating. Sodas & soft drinks, chips and packaged garbage, oreos and milanos (save those just for break-up times.)

No Starvation, No Calorie Counting, No Hunger.

I want to bring up one key point here, as to why I’m so against the low calorie movement (which doesn’t work, anyway) – if we naturally ate what we wanted, when we wanted, until we were full, but we still gained weight and got fat, how would we still be here as a species today?

This is why I want to draw you to the idea that “it’s not how much you eat, it’s what you eat.” Let’s face it, if cave men were chomping down on doritos and pasta 2 million years ago, we might not be here today. Or we would be born diabetic with never before seen rates of Cancer and heart disease.

Calorie restriction doesn’t make sense though – because how would people before us have known what to each – and how much – without digital scales, charts, guidelines, dieting advice, etc.? They didn’t have all that.  They just ate when they felt hungry and ate until they didn’t any longer.

Usually when people transition to eating real food, they find themselves eating until they’re full but still losing weight. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

Fortunately, reducing calories, counting calories, splitting hairs & cutting down on fat are not a part of this lifestyle, because they don’t work.

Eat Food When You Want To

One of the key things is that you will eat when you want, you will feel full, and you will still lose weight.

“What!? How is that possible!!” You might ask.

“Real food” is often 1/10th the caloric load of fake food you find in the center of the grocery story. It also is often naturally low-sugar, and (sometimes) low-carbohydrate.

Remember how protein and fat naturally keep you full much longer than carbohydrates or sugar and thus reduce overeating?

You would have to eat an immense amount of protein, fat, and plants to get anything near the same caloric load as a bag of chips or a large candy bar – but you’ll stay full WAY longer. Plus it’d be nearly impossible to eat that much protein because of how quickly it signals to your body that “it’s full.”

Look interesting? I am sure you won’t regret reading it all!   Click here!


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