Islamic Council of Victoria pulls out of meeting with Abbott

I am generally sensitive to unfair and sometimes racist comments and treatment of Islamic individuals and organizations by Australians.
In this case, nothing unfair, racist or untrue has been said by the PM. (I should add that I am not a supporter of Tony Abbot in general, this issue is being treated on its merits). He is not criticising Islamists in general, only those who participate in terrorist activities whilst holding claim to Australian citizenship.
The Islamic Council have placed themselves in an unacceptable position. They clearly forget, or have no regard for, their responsibility to our country to be an integrated part of our community. They do have a responsibility to assimilate, and those members who do not, have not deserved the special treatment so far offered to them. Neither have they appreciated this special treatment, apparently.
No other country in the world shows the respect and forbearance of the Islam migrants’ demands for acceptance of their extreme dress standards, their expectations of special segregated public services and their expected amendments to our religious practices and education, that Australia does.
Unconditional acceptance of their expectations is not, and should not be, a requirement of Australian citizens in their otherwise welcome inclusion into our community.
As I said above, migrants choosing to settle in another country, must expect and accept that country’s traditions, morals and values. In no way should we have to adapt to suit them.
This attitude applies to any migrant, including some Jews, who actively support their “home country” in any inhumane treatment of other human beings.
Undoubtedly this view will be adjudged as racist by some, but I strenuously deny the justice of that criticism.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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16 Responses to Islamic Council of Victoria pulls out of meeting with Abbott

  1. hirundine608 says:

    I suppose that inability to “turn the other cheek”. Sets muslims apart and easy targets to wind up and war with? Their religion is all about war on infidels to start with. So it must be easy to get them going? Easier than communists anyway.

    • I guess they are inherently defensive in the political sense.
      Interesting that their “war on infidels” is a good excuse for their militant action and also a good excuse to pick on them and even kill them, but it seems that the Christian world has caused many times the number of deaths in the modern world, and have to lie and make up excuses for their insane behaviour.

      • Interesting theory. Have you calculated how many deaths have been caused in the name of Islam over the last 30 years? Or perhaps even during the years from 600 AD to 1500 AD as they swept out of Saudi Arabia to conquer the Christian, Hindu, Buddist and other Countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe?

        Honestly, your statement is an attempt to side step the “actual” Issue. Also, can you prove your statement that “the Christian world has caused many times the number of deaths in the modern world” was done in the name of the “Christian Religion” rather than “Secular / Political Ideology?” I would like to see your evidence for this claim?

        Too many people tend to lump Christianity and Political Ideology together. Let us be blunt, Socialism and Communism are anti-religion, so with the mass murders by Socialist and Communist regimes within the 19th and 20th centuries, the deaths can not be appointed to “Christians” but to the political ideologies which caused them.

  2. hirundine608 says:

    Oh absolutely, Ken. Without doubt!

    Yet take the nature of anyone believing in Mohammed. They are commanded to fight to the death, not to turn a cheek. Consequently it seems blood feuds will not end. They will simmer under the surface until the right time.

    Have you ever read the Koran? For me, one of the few books I could not finish nor even make sense of it. Just when it seems clear, another chapter seems to turn the previous on it’s head. I’ve met some sincere muslims, not many I grant. Still the so-called Christians, seem to take a delight in poking them until a reaction is achieved.

    I’m of the mind that Hamas is Israeli controlled and that they [Hamas] supply the excuse for Israelis to genocide the innocents? Cheers, J.

    • I realize the theory here, but in practice its like saying all Christian based countries and people think alike and follow their religion without themselves having any sense of right and wrong. Like saying all Westerners follow the US creed of seek and destroy Islamists, militant and innocent alike..
      An extremely complex issue.
      If I believed that all Islamists in Australia wish to annihilate all the Christians, I would consider myself insane.

    • @ hirundine608 says: “I’m of the mind that Hamas is Israeli controlled and that they [Hamas] supply the excuse for Israelis to genocide the innocents?”

      Are you serious? That is the funniest conspiracy theory I have seen yet. Hate to tell you, but HAMAS is controlled by by the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Have you ever read the HAMAS Charter? Perhaps you should, you would then come to realise that no Israeli would be able to come up the Islamic and Qu’ranic quotes used in it.

      Perhaps you should try reading the following:
      Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices

      • And who controls the Muslim Brotherhood?

      • hirundine608 says:

        Like Ken says …. “who controls the Muslim Brotherhood”? Why did Egyptians throw them, Muslim Brotherhood, out after only one year?

        Conspiracy theory? Do you really not see, conspiracies on many levels? I have no special knowledge, just a lifetime of reading. Watching as it happens. I’ve seen my freedoms vanish, because of conspiracies. I’ve never done anything, but have an opinion.

        “Just because I’m paranoid, does not mean I’m not being followed”.

        Hamas seems to only succeed in giving Israelis excuses to bomb ordinary people. Men, women and children. To clear them out, so they can occupy more Palestinian land. Now that is a reality, a zionist reality, that can be shown.

        The “eye for an eye” business, will never bring about peace. Peace has to be in people’s hearts, first.

      • @ Ken and hirundine608: “And who controls the Muslim Brotherhood?”
        The Muslim Brotherhood controls itself, backed by Money from Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia and donations from Muslims across the world and Arabic Governments. For a specific understanding of their history in short try reading:

        Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood:

        Regarding who controls them, you should probably read this. It will give you all the names of their Leadership of the group:

        Who’s Who in Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood

        @ hirundine608: “Hamas seems to only succeed in giving Israelis excuses to bomb ordinary people. Men, women and children. To clear them out, so they can occupy more Palestinian land. Now that is a reality, a zionist reality, that can be shown.”

        Yes they do. And they do it on purpose. In fact if you bother to read the book I posted above you will find out that they are more dangerous to themselves and their own people and supporters than they are to the Israelis. The above book gives a very clear, personal and first hand idea of how Hamas operates. Try reading. As for being a zionist reality, its an Arab, Islamic cultural and religious issue, especially with hamas.

        Tell me if you can, how many of the issues that are occurring in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by Hamas, are occurring in the West Bank, which is controlled by Fatah? Hamas wants an Islamic State, Fatah and Yassar’s PLO just wanted a secular Palestinian State, Hamas after it took control in the Gaza strip went around and murdered the Fatah Members after the elections, you don’t see a problem with that?

      • “”
        I suggest that this proves our point about sourcing truth or propaganda, or goes a long way in that direction.
        “History” written by the supporters of those who wish to destroy peace is worthless.

      • Thanks Hirundine, too many people simply believe what they are told without really understanding what is truth and what is propaganda.

  3. hirundine608 says:

    Ken, I hoped you would realize I was generalizing?

    I also realize I was being simplistic, in how I see it. Christians have their extremists too. Not all in one place either. Sometimes it’s easy to throw on the cloak of whatever religion and shout “i’m doing God’s work”. Plenty of people have done so, already. More to the point, perhaps? Is the zionist agenda. They have spent the last 400 years getting to this point. One where they are carving out for themselves a country and fasthold, in a place that has been at the centre of world attention for over 3,000 years. The world is currently run by psychopaths. So obviously the ordinary person of whatever religion, is so marginalized.

    I have no solution. But that solution lies in the hearts of all people. I’m not holding my breath.

  4. Thanks for your support. I am sure we understand far better than detractors, modern day realities.

  5. hirundine608 says:

    It seems, Warming Realist Xavier got a lot out of the book recommended?

    A simple search through any search engine, this one being Google, shows over 90,000 links. Below are the top 2 from the list. If it walks like a duck, etc … For most other links, express similar notions.

    But then, I’m conspiracy minded apparently?

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