US Bases in Australia

Thanks Patrick, for posting this.
My recent comments about American bases all over the world and the hypocrisy (US), of criticising Russia for defending their own interests, together with my posting (sticking) the Malcolm Frazer suggestion of the dangers of Australia’s ties with the US, make your post very timely and important.

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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9 Responses to US Bases in Australia

  1. What particularly annoys me, yet is probably the least serious aspect of America’s influence here, is that Australians are paying for this “privilege” of assisting the US, when it would be absolutely fair and just if the US paid us for helping them.
    The US might claim that the end result of US protection of Australia is ‘just’ returns, that hardly applies if it involves Australia embroiling itself in overseas war crimes and providing cannon fodder for US invasions.

  2. Crimea was always Russian. Khrushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine; to manage water, garbage and electricity, not to own Crimea. b] At that time, Crimea AND Kiev were under full control of Kremlin!

    Crimea is the only Russian warmwater port, that doesn’t freeze in winter – they would go for nuclear war, to defend and keep it. US blames the Russians for solders being INSIDE Russia, on Ukrainian border – look where US is; they are in Romania, Hungary and Poland – they are all on Ukrainian border.

    • Thanks Stefan. Your information not only supports what I believe is the truth but makes it all the more obvious that Putin is completely in the right in defending Ukraine from the marauders and protecting his own country from outside interference.
      As for the US and the pathetic Australian PM, telling lies about Putin – what can be said? On an unholy mission?

    • Ken, you are the only person that doesn’t buy the western media propaganda; here are few facts:
      1] Qantas, British airways stopped flying over eastern Ukraine, three months before Malaysian was downed = used as sacrificial lamb b] it was up to European civil aviation to warn the airlines not to fly there AND Kiev government to close the sky; because that aircraft came from same direction, from where day before and after Kiev warplanes were coming to carpet bomb the citizens.

      2] Putin accused of giving the rockets to the rebels. TRUTH: those rockets have being given to the Ukrainians 34 years ago, by Brezhnev, not by Putin! b] Ukraine doesn’t have in the military one water pistol made in Ukraine – it’s being all given to them by the Russians!

      3] before the trouble started, 35% of the Ukrainian army were ethnic Russians – the weapons now they use are ALL taken from the Ukrainian army – the fighters were solders and officers in the Ukrainian army.

      4] there are 18 million ethnic Russians in Ukraine and 5 million Belarus 46% of the population. They can master 6 million solders ( because every male has being a conscript / military trained) but only few thousands are fighting – because the rest don’t have weapons – they don’t have weapons – BECAUSE RUSSIANS ARE NOT GIVING THEM WEAPONS!

      5] constantly accusing Russian solders going into Ukraine to fight. THE TRUTH: since 1990 about one million from Ukraine went to work in Russia, for double pay, because Ukraine is corrupt and bankrupt – from those million 70% are men = can master 1/2 million solders, instead; few hundred of them bought weapons and uniforms in Russian shops and went home to protect their families and houses = they came from Russia, BUT they have Ukrainian passports, and their ancestors have being in eastern Ukraine for over 10000 years!!!

      Q: who is benefiting from downed aircraft propaganda, Putin and the rebels, or pentagon and Kiev?!?! Question is who did it! July Bishop is ready to march on Stalingrad, she needs followers! (cashing in, on dead children in that accident)

      6] those fighters are NOT rebels! all they ask is: to have a free referendum as the Scots had. Why should NATO and London tell them not to have referendum – instead to be carpet bombed = to create permanent hatred?!?!?!…
      (those people were always together; only a year ago, all Ukrainians voted ethnic Russian as their president).The whole trouble is; because CIA bribed few from the elite in Kiev – to make trouble – so that american fleet can go in Crimea = US military needs powerful ”enemy” -> to vacuum more cash from us taxpayer… We are getting into interesting times

      • Thanks for your comments but I am having some trouble analysing them clearly.
        Do you agree that the unrest in Ukraine is the result of Western (US, NATO etc) supporting a rebel group?
        Do you agree that the current Ukraine so-called government is controlled by the Western influences?
        Do you agree that Putin is being set up as the “baddie” by Western influences?
        Do you agree that the Malaysian plane was shot down by illegal Ukraine government fighters, not by Russian missiles.
        Certainly I do not believe anything in the Western controlled media, but I am not the only one. Surely you do not?

      • Ken, the answer is ”yes” on all your questions.
        Pentagon loves the north Korean leader – he gives them reason to keep US military in south Korea (because Korean people don’t like the Yankee army on their soil) = so: they are doing everything possible to portray Putin to look same as the north Korean leader
        (also US would love to put their hands on the Russian oil, for free)

      • Thanks Stefan, we seem to understand each other and are are both on the side of truth and justice.
        Happy Christmas time, without any religious connotations.

  3. omanuel says:

    May Christmas 2014 reveal the Sun’s pulsar core and man’s purpose in the supernova debris that orbits this creator, destroyer and sustainer of every atom, life and world in the solar system.

    • Man’s purpose, that is THE question!
      Thanks Oliver, for all your comments and support.
      Merry Christmas and a Happy 2015.
      May we still hope for Peace and Goodwill for ALL mankind, in the face of a great deal of opposition.
      Best Regards, Ken.

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