How Much Warming Have School Leavers Seen?

This is prompted by the BOM post on Facebook today which claims:
“WATCH: 2014 was Australia’s third-warmest year on record with frequent heatwaves and warm spells. Rainfall was near average for Australia as a whole, but drier in much of the east and along the west coast. More information in our latest Annual Climate Statement:
So for readers who can think for themselves, hopefully including students, an interesting excercise for you to reach your own conclusions.
After all, how less a scientific statement can you get from the official government sources than “climate change was having a significant impact on Australia’s temperatures,..”?

If she really means ‘global warming’ then that makes her statement simply incorrect, instead of simply meaningless, because ‘global warming’ is currently in recession. Which, of course, is why the ‘global warming’ label has been discontinued by the officials.

How more naked can this ‘Emperor’ of ‘climate change’ be? How long before the public are prepared to see and admit that the ‘catastrophic global trends due to carbon pollution’ are not clothed with scientific substance.

It is necessary to read the reblogged post to find clear scientific assessment that stands up to scrutiny and makes a nonsense of this BOM official propaganda.


Reports of the recent heatwave and record high temperatures in November (which coincided with the end of schooling for our Year 12 students), have been exciting the media here in Australia, and last week Professor Lesley Hughes of the Climate Council got herself overheated and joined in.

Professor Hughes, an ecologist, this year was awarded the Australian Government Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Australian Science Research.

prof hughes


Last week, she claimed that “climate change was having a significant impact on Australia’s temperatures, with record-breaking weather becoming more frequent and more severe.”

“Nine of the 10 warmest springs have occurred in just the last 13 years,’’ Prof Hughes said. “Heatwaves are becoming hotter, lasting longer and occurring more often.

“This is resulting in year after year of recordbreaking temperatures, which increases the risk of bushfires, droughts and heatwave-related health issues.”

How much of this frightening climate change have the…

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