Aussie government proposes unlimited speech regulation

Can you believe that? Climate Skeptics to be targeted by censorship. At least that’s a sign that we are on the right track and are showing them up as unable to defend their science and proposed carbon tax.

Amazing that they so blatantly abuse the public’s natural rights to free speech, hardly the Australia we used to be so proud of?

Political criticism also mentioned – goodbye democracy, hello fascism.

And there’s that ominous number 21 again,  ?Agenda 21??

Watts Up With That?

PhotobucketGuest post by Alec Rawls

Andrew Bolt has been blogging for the past week about the totalitarian tendencies in the just released “Media Inquiry” commissioned by Australia’s Labor government.

This “Finkelstein Report” advocates unlimited regulation of virtually all published and broadcast speech in Australia.

The actual proposal can be scanned in a few minutes (pages 290-300 here). It would set up a 21 member News Media Council, charged to enforce at least some level of oversight:

While the setting of standards should be left to the News Media Council, they should incorporate certain minimum standards, such as fairness and accuracy [§ 11.52, p. 291].

But there is no corresponding limit on how much the Council is allowed to regulate. Just the opposite, the Report explicitly declares that protecting freedom of speech is not part of the Council’s mission! §11.55, p. 292:

The News Media Council requires clearly defined functions…

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