Ukraine and the UNSC: Spread of Total Lies

“Hitler said that the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it, was he lying? ” ref

This quote is related to the presenting of this post because there certainly are lies being told, either by the authorities or by the “alternative” information sources on the internet.

Maybe we should be talking about the ‘boldest’ lie, maybe that is what is really meant anyway.

Maybe it is the source of the lie that is the influence in believing lies. The bigger and more powerful the ‘liar’, the more people believe it.

In searching this quote, which by the way, is attributed to Hitler, an interesting aspect arises from one person’s answer to the above particular question. It highlights the difference between answers that are logical and unbiased, and those that are based on propaganda.

“Best Answer: Absolutely he was right, but only for people who lack intellectual curiosity and tend to follow the teachings of others. There are examples of this today:

1. Belief that JFK was killed as a part of massive conspiracy. Serious scholars that have investigated this claim have found it to be an enormous lie appealing to the uneducated masses who tend to believe that EVERYTHING that seems complicated must have been done by a governmental conspiracy.”

What if the ‘official’ story of Lee Harvey Oswald being the sole, independent assassin is actually the big lie? Believed by people who “lack intellectual curiosity and tend to follow the teachings of others.”

If other people present never-ending compelling evidence that the official story is a lie, because THEY  do NOT lack intellectual curiosity and do NOT tend to follow the teachings of others.”, is their opinion likely to be a lie?

Lastly, consider the motivation for the lie, given that one story or the other, has to be so. It is obvious that a lie like “JFK was killed by a single assassin” or “Ukraine is being devastated because of Russian driven terrorism” has enormous associated political support and ‘justification’ so to speak. On the other hand, revelations by impartial sources, of conspiracies  are not motivated by any gain other than the desire for truth.  To name these as lies and liars lacks credibility and is an insult to those who do have intellectual curiosity and ability, and are who are capable of thinking for themselves as distinct from following the “teachings” of others.

What follows below is from  ‘nsnbc’ by Alexander Mezyaev (SCF).

The March 6 session of the United Nations Security Council devoted to Ukraine shows that the information war against Russia is in full swing. The weapon used by Russia’s adversaries is total lie. 

The Ukraine’s media outlets inform that the Russian troops continue to advance attacking Ukrainian security forces. Residential areas and state buildings come under sporadic shelling. (1) Yuriy Sergeyev, the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations, said Debaltseve was attacked not by «insurgents», but rather by Russia-supported mercenaries and Russian troops. The current Ukrainian government never even tried to explain why it outright violated or not fully complied with the Minsk agreements. How to answer the question why Ukraine hampers humanitarian supplies coming from Russia?

Yuriy Sergeev sounded ridiculous saying the Russian aid was… an international crime. Then he switched over into attacking mode to avoid explanations. According to him, rescuers wanted to save Donbass miners but were prevented by merciless rebels. (2) Ukraine simply creates a parallel reality. The West also resorts to lies. Heidi Tagliavini, the special envoy of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said that the cease-fire came into effect to be violated by rebels to capture Debaltseve what led to further bloodshed and devastation. (3) Ertugrul Apakan, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine, says the same thing. Addressing the United Nations Security Council he said the rebels advanced near Debaltseve after the cease-fire came into effect in violation of spirit and letter of Minsk agreements. (4)

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