WiFi Backlash Trend Accelerating

Can’t think of a better combo – coffee, books and no RF radiation.

(Perhaps a glass of red and a cheese plate?)

Stop Smart Meters Australia

Cafe owners in Sydney are realizing that “Free WiFi” comes at a cost. As The Syndey Morning Herald reports, cafes are starting to limit or ban WiFi so that people will actually have real interactions. It’s economic too – allowing one customer to purchase a $3 coffee and take up a table for five for hours on end is simply not good business practice.

As the health effects of microwave radiation come into the mainstream, this trend will only accelerate. WiFi will become just like smoking – once a ubiquitous presence in all cafes/restaurants and now something that is socially unacceptable.

You can read the full article here:

“The love affair between coffee shops and laptop-wielding customers may be dying out as coffee shop owners revolt against Sydneysiders’ demand to be wired up.

Wi-Fi backlash is a trend accelerating among coffee shops, bars and restaurants, where a failure to see the benefits of…

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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2 Responses to WiFi Backlash Trend Accelerating

  1. icouldahad says:

    I refuse to have WIFI, a smart meter and I’m such a luddite I don’t even have a mobile phone – if someone wants to get in touch with me they can leave a message on my machine! Anyway, I don’t like being interupted.
    In this crazy day and age it’s hard enough to find food that hasn’t been tampered with, I don’t need to add being zapped by unseen, negative forces, too.

    Ken, I don’t see a place where someone can send you something they think you’ll be interested in, so here I bring your attention to something I just read from another blog I frequent – The Daily Sheeple. Maybe you’ll find it informative enough to give it its own post.


    • Thanks for this link. It contains a great deal of information about the dangers, the inadequate testing and set safety standards and also some encouragement that the standards may be looked at. Certainly that they need to be updated.
      Your including the link enables readers to access it.
      I will see if I can give it higher exposure in other places.

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