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Russian aviation experts: ‘Israeli-made Python air-to-air missile (fired from Israeli-upgraded Su-25 Scorpion) may have downed MH17’

From ‘Sott.net’ some news that makes sense, adding to the significant amount of evidence that fails to support the farcical US and Australian claim that blames Russia!  RT © Maxim Zmeyev / Reuters A report on Malaysian Airlines MH17 air … Continue reading

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TIP posts – Some more Reality re Global Warming, Big Pharma & War of Terror!

From a Blog that has great relevance in the creation of “The Golden Rule” blog, it was my introduction and a major stepping-stone. This week, besides involving my country Australia, these TIP posts support my beliefs in the ‘global warming … Continue reading

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Why do I bother? Perhaps most bloggers ask this question!

This is inspired by its appearance on http://disruptedphysician.com/2015/07/12/disrupted-physician-101-5-the-american-society-of-addiction-medicine-asam-uses-or-misuses-alcoholics-anonymous-aa/. In my particular case, my hours of collecting information from innumerable sources, then keyboarding responses on this blog and Facebook, is never far removed from this very question that daily emanates from … Continue reading

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