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Why do I bother? Perhaps most bloggers ask this question!

This is inspired by its appearance on http://disruptedphysician.com/2015/07/12/disrupted-physician-101-5-the-american-society-of-addiction-medicine-asam-uses-or-misuses-alcoholics-anonymous-aa/. In my particular case, my hours of collecting information from innumerable sources, then keyboarding responses on this blog and Facebook, is never far removed from this very question that daily emanates from … Continue reading

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” I miss America” – (what it once was), by Mike Adams, Natural News.

This article caught my eye and deserves promotion. It applies to America specifically, for which we must be somewhat relieved, yet it has global connotations when associated with the New World Order plans for all countries. A bit arguable in … Continue reading

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Cynthia McKinney presents to the 9/11 Revisited conference in Kuala Lumpur

Simply the Truth and Nothing but the Truth. A brave and intelligent lady!.

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Milestones – Thanks to ‘Followers’, ‘Commentors’, ‘Likers’ and Readers.

Spring has “sprung” (in the SH), birds are tweeting, flowers are blooming. Trees are blossoming, and the Sun is again making its presence felt, issuing UV, and more, to provide essential global warming (as distinct from leaving us a cold, … Continue reading

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