Recent Articles of Truth re “Climate Change”

Presenting three articles recently featured on Facebook, of scientific credibility.

How long before the “world” wakes up to the reality of the “Emperors Clothes”?  No way is the ‘science settled’ and so much overwhelming evidence is available to verify this, that it is unbelievable that it is ignored, not understood or deliberately lied about.


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Satellite Data Proves Changes in Sun Caused Recent Global Warming, Not Humans     Written by Ross McLeod  (

The ‘science’ for dangerous man-made global warming continues to unravel as proven by independent Australian climate researcher, Ross McLeod. nimbus satelliteHere he explains how measurements of solar cycles from the reliable Nimbus Satellite (pictured) better fits Earth’s warming and cooling than human emission of carbon dioxide (CO2).

McLeod explains:

I remember climate scientist Roy Spencer was roundly criticised for once stating an obvious fact in relation to climate alarm about “heat trapping” CO2 and the calamity that awaited mankind if fossil fuels did not remain in the ground.

He simply stated that satellites have measured that Earth has been emitting more radiation to space over the recent decades.

Alarmists assumed this was an all-out attack on the hypothesis of the enhanced greenhouse gas effect.

At the time I did a little bit of research and discovered that 2005 was the 40th anniversary of the Nimbus satellite program.  The series of Nimbus satellites provided ground breaking information about Earth’s weather systems.

But why are information sites such as this full of condescending misinformation?

The Earth’s Radiation Budget  

When it comes to climate and climate change, the Earth’s radiation budget is what makes it all happen. Swathed in its protective blanket of atmospheric gases against the boiling Sun and frigid space, the Earth maintains its life-friendly temperature by reflecting, absorbing, and re-emitting just the right amount of solar radiation. To maintain a certain average global temperature, the Earth must emit as much radiation as it absorbs. If, for example, increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide cause Earth to absorb more than it re-radiates, the planet will warm up.”

Just what is our protective blanket of atmospheric gases protecting us against anyway?

Read the complete post here.


2. ‘Keep It Real’   Earth atmosphere climate

A simple analysis of reality to quickly prove the AGW climate change belief is 100% bogus

I’ll be straight up honest with you. I’m not a climatologist or meteorologist. But I am someone who cares deeply about truth, science, reason, politics, economics, and living in a world in which as many people as possible can realize their fullest potential as individual human beings. My technical and professional background is two degrees in aerospace engineering and a professional certification in project management.

Given that context, and my persistent desire to apply my analytical reasoning skills to get to the point of an issue so that we can UNDERSTAND THE REAL TRUTH of something, so that we can then DO WHAT REALLY MATTERS and what HAS THE BIGGEST IMPACT, here is my take on the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) aka climate change controversy and debate.

If we want to take a rational, logical, and practical approach to the problem, let’s try to agree on some basic fundamentals. This is where I’m coming from. If you don’t follow along with me, I won’t expect you to agree with my conclusions. But if you also value a reality-based opinion and rational approach, this article describes the conversation I’ve had with myself.

First, there is an objective reality and truth about what is happening with our climate. Whatever is happening, it is real. And it doesn’t matter what we as individuals or as a species believe or think or wish about it.

Hopefully that isn’t a point of controversy or argument with you, dear reader. But there are plenty of people in the world who disagree with that basic premise. If someone believes that we can wish or meditate or pray the problem away, through pure consciousness, we’re already on a different page. Different planet and universe, as far as I’m concerned!

Second, whatever the facts truly are, we are capable of understanding it. Probably not with 100% certainty and 100% granularity, but by using our powers of perception, analysis, technology, and rational discussion, we can find the truth together. The situation is not inherently hopeless or unknowable. Hopefully you agree with that premise too. (I’ll spare you the rocket science analogy, even though that’s my background. You just said it yourself I bet!)

Third, I believe we as a species have the power and ability to find a peaceful, feasible, and sustainable solution. We have learned how to not only live, but prosper, in the harshest of environments across the planet. Even beyond our planet!! Admittedly, we haven’t advanced far beyond the survival phase in outer space, or underwater. We haven’t learned how to sustain ourselves in either environment without help from the surface dwellers. But with creativity, resourcefulness, innovation, and technology, we can certainly deal with a few degrees of temperature change or few inches (even feet) of water level change over decades or centuries. We can’t forget the CONTEXT of what we are investigating and talking about! We aren’t talking about our sun going supernova or swallowing our planet as a red giant anytime soon…we still have a few billion years to prepare for that!

Read the complete article here.


3. ‘Breitbart News Network

Turns out the satellite data is lying.

And to prove it they’ve come up with a glossy new video starring such entirely trustworthy and not at all biased climate experts as Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann Kevin “Travesty” Trenberth and Ben Santer. (All of these paragons of scientific rectitude feature heavily in the Climategate emails)

The video is well produced and cleverly constructed – designed to look measured and reasonable rather than yet another shoddy hit job in the ongoing climate wars.

Sundry “experts”, adopting a tone of “more in sorrow than anger” gently express their reservations about the reliability of the satellite data which, right up until the release of this video, has generally been accepted as the most accurate gauge of global temperatures.

This accuracy was acknowledged 25 years ago by NASA, which said that “satellite analysis of the upper atmosphere is more accurate, and should be adopted as the standard way to monitor temperature change.”

More recently, though, climate alarmists have grown increasingly resentful of the satellite temperature record because of its pesky refusal to show the warming trend they’d like it to show. Instead of warming, the RSS and UAH satellite data shows that the earth’s temperatures have remained flat for over 18 years – the so-called “Pause.”

Hence the alarmists’ preference for the land- and sea-based temperature datasets which do show a warming trend – especially after the raw data has been adjusted in the right direction. Climate realists, however, counter that these records have all the integrity of Enron’s accounting system or of Hillary’s word on what really happened in Benghazi.

Given the embarrassment the satellite data has been causing alarmists in recent years – most recently at the Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 97%  “Data or Dogma” hearing last December – it was almost inevitable that sooner or later they would try to discredit it.

In the video, the line taken by the alarmists is that the satellite records too have been subject to dishonest adjustments and that the satellites have given a misleading impression of global temperature because of the way their orbital position changes over time.

These sound plausible criticisms till you look at this graph provided by one of the scientists criticized in the video, John Christy of the University of Alabama, Huntsville.


What it shows is how closely the satellite data corresponds with measurements taken using a completely independent system – balloons. If the satellites are lying then so are the balloons.

Read the complete article here.

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