Japan Gives Go Ahead To New Coal Fired Plants

A matter of commonsense, a factor disappearing rapidly in our ways of life.
CO2 is not a pollutant. Other atmospheric compounds are and they can be controlled.
Nuclear, for Japan, is an obvious no-no, their nuclear radiation issues are horrendous and it is probably too late to recover from them.
Nevertheless, making them worse, even potentially, would be a strange choice.
Eventually, we need to replace fossil fuels as a power source, but not quickly.


By Paul Homewood



From PEI:

The Japanese government has decided to relax its opposition to coal-fired power.
The country’s environment ministry issued objections to five new coal-fired stations in 2015 but the industry ministry has persuaded them to accept voluntary steps by power companies to curb emissions.

Environmentalists say the change in attitude jeopardises Japan’s pledge to reduce CO2, however the ministry stated that it is monitoring stations to ensure enough is being done to meet carbon limits.
Japan is readying to open up its power retail market in April, and companies are rushing to build 43 coal-fired plants or 20.5 gigawatt of capacity in coming years, about a 50 per cent increase.
As part of the agreement, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is set to tighten its rules over coal-fired power stations from April 1, including issuing new non-binding requirements on the heat efficiency of new…

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