Australian Bureau of Meteorology – How strong is its credibility?

A recent, large exposure to the public on our mass media outlets, firmly places “climate change” as the cause of current heat waves and “hottest year” claims, for Australia. Promoted, by the Australian BOM, it is a clear and blatant statement that the future is grim and requires immediate improvement in our drive for eliminating fossil fuel energy production and further investment in alternative solar and wind power sources.

Critical thinking regarding media information is in order to maintain a balanced viewpoint.

Refer to listing of media items below.

There is no attempt to be scientifically accurate by taking a number of other factors into account, like record cold temperatures, not just in winter but at more telling times.

Better than trying to clarify this further here, it is pertinent to introduce an article by  Jennifer Marohasy, about submissions from herself and other experts alleging the BOM’s  failure to be honest and to maintain acceptable scientific principles.

“Submissions to the Panel”

Typical entries are:

“Concerned that the Bureau of Meteorology has made many errors in its calculation of the mean Australian temperature specifically for 2013, Merrick Thomson, a retired accountant, asks a few questions in his submission including:”

“Roger Underwood was once the General Manager of the Western Australian Department of Conservation and Land Management (CALM), and for nine years was responsible for the operation of a Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather station.  He sent a letter to Bob Baldwin today with comment: “  I understand that you [Mr Baldwin] are overseeing the inquiry by an expert panel into the ‘homogenization’ of temperature records by the BOM.  My many scientific colleagues and I share serious concerns about the ‘homogenization’ issue.  ”

”  Ken Stewart  is a retired school principal with a deep-seated skepticism of anything produced by governments, political parties, religious organizations and big business.  Ken became interested in global warming some years ago, then decided to undertake his own audit of the then official Australian temperature record known as the ‘High Quality’ series.  This series has since been withdrawn and replaced with a new series known as ACORN-SAT.  ACORN-SAT stands for Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature.   Ken has made a very detailed submission to the panel, which can be downloaded from his blog.  “

All of these submissions, in detail, are linked here.

Included is Jennifer’s own submission,

My submission (Jennifer Marohasy) focuses on Wilcannia, a hot and often dusty town in western New South Wales, and can be accessed by clicking here.

Further evidence of the BOM’s lack of credibility are pointed out in Jennifer’s post:


IN 2017, I published an article in the journal GeoResJ with John Abbot. This has been the subject of a misguided campaign, specifically to discredit our findings that much of the global warming through the 20th Century is natural. We recently responded to some of the criticism by way of a detailed report: ‘Historical Temperature Reconstructions and Estimating the Contribution of the Industrial Revolution to 20th Century Warming’. In due course, this will be developed into a publication.

Also, for some years I have been pointing-out that there is no consistency in the methods used by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to measure surface temperatures, and that the routine remodeling of temperature series by the ACORN-SAT unit within the Bureau is not scientific.


Listing of media releases:

Aust baked in third-warmest year on record…

Last year was Australia’s third-warmest year on record, with every state and territory recording above average temperatures in 2018. The nation’s average temperature last year was 1.14C above the …

Australia experiences its third-hottest year on record ……

The warmest months of the year were March, July, August, October and December. They ranked in the top 10 warmest months on record, Dr Braganza said. “Australia has seen the five warmest years on …

Climate change, global warming: 2019 may be hottest year ……

A recent report in the Medical Journal of Australia highlighted how the climate was threatening Australian lives, with heat stress alone costing $616 per employed person per year.

2014 was Australia’s third-hottest year on record, says ……

The two-year period of 2012-2013 also smashed the previous 24-month record by 0.32C. 2014 on its own was the third-hottest year since Australia’s official records began in 1910, with …

Australia had third-hottest year ever in 2017, weather ……

The warmest two years were 2016 and 2015, records that were assisted by a strong El Niño, making 2017 the hottest year so far without the assistance of the weather pattern.

Earth’s hottest year in recorded history | The New Daily

With the second half also expected to have the same claim, this will mean 2016 will beat 2015 (which had also broken the record set in 2014) as Earth’s warmest year ever recorded.

BOM: 2018 was third hottest year on record – MacroBusiness

Aussie Aussie Aussie! Another record for the ages with the Bureau of Meteorology revealing that 2018 was the third hottest year on record, with global temperatures in 2018 to be the fourth-warmest

2013 confirmed as Australia’s hottest year on record…

The Bureau of Meteorology on Friday confirmed that last year was the hottest nationwide in more than a century of standardised records, with mean temperatures 1.2 degrees above the 1961-90 average …

BOM declares 2018 Australia’s third-hottest year on record ……

Don’t let recent rain cloud your memory. As a whole, 2018 was hot and dry, and the Bureau of Meteorology’s (BOM) annual climate statement has just made it official. 2018 was the third-hottest year on record Rainfall was down 11 per cent on average, and was the lowest since 2005 The low rainfall

2016 was the hottest year ever on Australia’s east coast ……

The Annual Climate Statement is a snapshot of the Australian climate for the previous year including rainfall, temperature and significant events.


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