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BRICS Consider Setting Up Gold Trading System

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
The highly anticipated global reset is about to be formally introduced. This includes the shift of at least 60% of the global economy to the gold standard and other asset-based currencies.  This is the first…

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The Potential for War with Russia!

There are not many Australian persons or organizations who have impressive understandings of the important world issues and who also publish their thoughts and opinions for us to consider. One of them which I support in general but become critical … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On Russia (And much, much more!)

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
There are several things going on with Russia right now. Connecting them all together is an interesting exercise. I’ve collected several links about it, unfortunately spread over a half dozen browsers on three…

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The Golden Trap of Chess Master Vladimir Putin ~ [must read] ~ [Eng-Rus-Ita]

Originally posted on the real Syrian Free Press:
An article definitely to be spread and read, especially by those who have not well understood the political economic and military strategy of Putin and today’s Russia. (SFP) “The Golden Trap of…

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