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‘Train wreck’ Obamacare begins to unravel; massive government boondoggle set to self-destruct by 2015

Something to think about Americans and what it might mean for all Western countries. Rubbish, you might say? But what if it is reality? by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, Editor of NaturalNews.com: (NaturalNews) Even before it is fully implemented, … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Lies: 23 Things That Are Not What They Seem To Be On Television

This ‘BlacklistedNews.com’ post about the US media and government lies deserves public exposure. Although many of the other 22 listed items are very serious, this one is arguably the most damning of the US leadership’s failure to support its own … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Lukewarmist

Here is a post that warms my heart. The author is not a technical person, or doesn’t claim to be. But it is a great example of logic applied to the assessment of evidence. The COTO article by Rady Ananda reveals that there … Continue reading

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