Australia: Korumburra earthquake sparks earth tremors across Melbourne

australian earthquake melbourne

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Melbourne has been rocked by a series of earth tremors after a small earthquake hit Korumburra in Gippsland.

Geoscience Australia recorded the 4.4 magnitude quake as hitting at 11.37am.

The tremors, which lasted up to 15 seconds, were felt across Melbourne’s southeastern suburbs.

So far there are no reports of damage.

Residents in suburbs including Rowville, Trafalgar, Kilsyth, Hawthorn, Elwood, CBD, Melbourne Airport, South Melbourne, Brunswick, Richmond, Lilydale, Fitzroy, Elsternwick, South Yarra reported feeling the tremors.

Residents told of hearing a loud bang when the quake hit, while tremors were felt across Melbourne.

Michael O’Keefe was in Warragul and said it’s the strongest he’s ever felt.

“It sounded like a truck was approaching up the street and then it was as if the truck had run into the building. Everything was rattling. It feels a bit like it’s not complete, like there is another one to come.”

Glenn Robins in Mt Waverly said he was sitting in his armchair when the tremor struck.

“I felt it through the chair and then saw all the photos on the TV unit rattling.”

Prof Ian Cartwright, of the School of Geoscience at Monash University, said earth faults that cause quakes do exist in Victoria but it was unusual for tremors to be felt across several suburbs.

“Even though we don’t have major faults in Australia, there’s always a little bit of movement on these faults and when they move we get small earthquakes,” he said.

“Most of the earthquakes in Australia tend to be 2, 3, maybe magnitude 4.

“It takes a few hours for the seismologists to get the details of exactly where it was located and how strong it was.

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