Why does the West seem to be ignoring Russia and China in their approach to Iran?

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The very question I keep asking myself and have touched on here before.

Both Russia and China are supporting Iran by their actions in the UN Security Council. (Probably more aptly named as “UN Securing Countries”). They are vocal in their support for Iran because they have oil interests in Iran AND are well aware of the Western powers’ empire-building/hegemony/energy reserves motivations. Also of their well-known subversive interferences in other countries (including Russia) and their blatant lying in public statements. (Ref. Photo above).

This ‘EndThe Lie’ post discusses the logical question of “why does the West appear to ignore the possibility of active retaliation support for Iran by the Russia and China?” Just as I said recently that the US citizens should be saying “enough is enough”, these major world military powers must surely be thinking along the same lines. They probably have enough sense to hesitate because they would realize the extent of the consequences. Unlike the West who are insanely out of control and have long lost the ability to see past the end of their psychopathic noses.

If nothing else is clear, it is this: the West and allied nations are ready  for war. It may be a continued covert assault (as highlighted by statements from the Israeli Vice Prime Minister  regarding continued support of terrorists inside Iran along with previous  incidents) or a more overt, traditional conflict as shown by the troop buildups  in the region which I have also been thoroughly documenting in my “Iran: a quickly evolving geopolitical  imbroglio” series.

All of this is in complete opposition  to statements repeatedly made by both China and Russia.

Here I have to note that Russia and China are not weak nations and they  cannot be ignored in our analysis of this situation, especially when it comes to  considering what they might do in response to Western aggression.

We must also keep in mind; it is not just the United States and Israel which would participate in an  all-out strike on Iran.

More at EndtheLie.com –  http://EndtheLie.com/2012/02/03/why-does-the-west-seem-to-be-ignoring-russia-and-china-in-their-approach-to-iran/#ixzz1lnISutkp

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