How the Medical Profession Covered Up Vaccine Injuries and Called it ‘Child Abuse’

This refers to a ‘VacTruth’ post by , concerning access to documents proving that some vaccines can have serious side-effects, important information is routinely covered up or made ” not for public view”, some parents have been unjustly blamed for harming their children, persons trying to publicly reveal the truth are vilified and persons involved in hiding the truths are rewarded with knighthoods.

Enough said. Here is a small extract, actually the ending, from their post:

It is interesting to see some seventeen years after Blakemore-Brown’s first concerns that MSBP was a cover being used to hide cases of vaccine injury; the proof that lay hidden for all those years is at last being discovered.

There are some of us who never doubted for one moment that she was correct and something very sinister was going on, however, proving it was another thing. I doubt if Blakemore-Brown will be surprised to see the level of corruption and utter deceit hidden in these documents. It is about time the governments and pharmaceutical companies were exposed for their lies and hypocrisy and Blakemore-Brown along with the many others who have been fighting for the families falsely accused of MSBP and SBS were vindicated and apologized to.

The fact that Meadow not only tried to misdirect committees discussing vaccine dangers and cot death but contributed in a memorandum outlining guidelines for the treatment of anaphylaxis called ‘Immunization Against Infectious Diseases’ is totally beyond belief, especially when it has been reported that he stood up in court and assured a jury in a murder case that vaccines could not have been responsible for the death of her child.  I have been told by mothers falsely accused that he denied vaccines were responsible for the deaths of other babies in their trials as well. Let us hope that at last these parents will get the justice they deserve and their children can be laid to rest in peace at long last.

It is my opinion that for the crimes that this man has committed he should be striped of his knighthood.

Read the whole article here.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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    More cover-ups – more corruption – and more families falsely accused of harming their children when the real villains are the vaccines and those doctors who have based their reputations and careers on denying the obvious (and not so obvious) harm vaccinations can cause.

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