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Brainwashed Police Prosecute Parents to Protect Vaccines

This ‘VacTruth.com’ post by Christina England  provides more evidence of the corruption in the vaccine industry and the associated dangers which are being obscured by the system. This is not so much ‘brainwashing’ as it is coercion, a corruption of … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – More worrying information.

A hard-hitting view of the vaccination scene sourced at ‘Natural News‘. Given the evidence of the damage being done, this article seems appropriate. Related articles Myth busted: Vaccinations are not immunizations (tgrule.com) Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism … Continue reading

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Could Unvaccinated Children Get Less Asthma or Allergies?

This is a sort of summary article and quite a good overview of the vaccination picture and its associated pros and cons. It is presented by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D, posted at ‘Care2.com’ What is vaccination? Vaccination is also referred to … Continue reading

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Myth busted: Vaccinations are not immunizations

From ‘Natural News‘, by: Craig Stellpflug. (NaturalNews) There is only one kind of immunity and that is natural immunity which is achieved by battling the infectious diseases itself. Vaccination is merely the artificial triggering of temporary responses to manmade pathogens. … Continue reading

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How the Medical Profession Covered Up Vaccine Injuries and Called it ‘Child Abuse’

This refers to a ‘VacTruth’ post by Christina England, concerning access to documents proving that some vaccines can have serious side-effects, important information is routinely covered up or made ” not for public view”, some parents have been unjustly blamed … Continue reading

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