Could Unvaccinated Children Get Less Asthma or Allergies?


Vaccination (Photo credit: Sanofi Pasteur)

This is a sort of summary article and quite a good overview of the vaccination picture and its associated pros and cons. It is presented by, posted at ‘’

What is vaccination?

Vaccination is also referred to as inoculation, which, according to McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia, is defined as:

“The process of introducing a microorganism or suspension of microorganism into a culture medium. The medium may be (1) a solution of nutrients required by the organism or a solution of nutrients plus agar; (2) a cell suspension (tissue culture); (3) embryonated egg culture; or (4) animals, for example, rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, monkey, birds, or human being. When animals are used, the purpose usually is the activation of the immunological defenses against the organism. This is a form of vaccination, and quite often the two terms are used interchangeably. Both constitute a means of producing an artificial but active immunity against specific organisms, although the length of time given by such protection may vary widely with different organisms.”

There is also another way to look at and define this controversial issue offered by Craig Stellpflug, in his article for, Myth Busted: Vaccinations are not Immunizations. He explains that “In vaccines, an antigen is injected into the body to produce a reaction and the immune system responds in the form of antibodies, but antibody presence does not confer immunity.” Stellpflug also states that, “Vaccines should never be called immunizations because that is a misnomer. Immunity and vaccinations are two different subjects altogether.”

This is the first part of three, read the other parts here.

Referenced source article:

Those readers wishing to delve deeper into this subject will be rewarded by reading the related article below “The Vaccination Debate” by Dr Randy Baker. (MD).

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3 Responses to Could Unvaccinated Children Get Less Asthma or Allergies?

  1. There is so much more to the Vaccinate and DO NOT Vaccinate lobby Ken, but just as an intorduction to the Australian Vaccination Network – take a peek here:

    I myself believe that a mandatory adult booster of MMR so that I could go live for some time in the USA, triggered my Lupus. The carriers used in many vaccines are deadly themselves and then add up the culumative (?sp) effect of the number of childhood vaccinations given these days…. any wonder why autism is seriously on the rise???

  2. Melia Shaulis says:

    asthma may make an individual’s life like hell. my own sibling is an asthma attack patient and she has seriously a tough time when it strikes. there are usually a few natural vitamin supplements which can help minimize the actual symptoms of asthma. physical exercise and proper diet also helps a bit in making bronchial asthma episodes lesser in severeness…

    • Years ago I had periodic recurrences of asthma requiring ventolin. After a few months of regular Shiatzu massages, my lungs were free of symptoms. That was over 15 years ago. ‘Natural News’ linked in the ‘Health Matters’ sidebar has a few articles. There is also a breathing technique, the name escapes me, recommended by some.
      Thanks for contributing, and good luck with sister’s health.
      Internet health information often comes without authentic medical authority approval and often is tainted by ignorance and vested interests. However, there is much legitimate information and help, if one can sort through it carefully. Once money is asked for, I suggest serious caution.

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