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AGW – Hiding the truth – Hansen/GISS revelation

Well,Well! A revelation, no less! The truth was there all the time, but not out in the open. All the time causing mayhem globally knowing it was falsely based and agenda driven. Watts Up With That? Note: This will be … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Middle East atemporal:
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A warning to muslims: Sunni Vs Shia – The War Your Enemies Want

A Sott.net post by  MrAsgharbukhari, ‘U Tube’ Comment: The commentator makes a very important point in the following video: agitators in the western military-security complex (particularly the US, EU and Israeli governments) have been proactively importing the conditions for civil … Continue reading

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Beware of ‘natural’ food fraud

A Natural News post  by: J. D. Heyes I imagine most readers interested in the health topics and posts on this blog are already sufficiently aware of the need to read labels and to assess the significance of what they … Continue reading

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