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Launch a revolution in your backyard with a micro eco-farm

A healthy change of topic.  A relevant informative look at the garden aspect of self-sufficiency. An article by Carolanne Wright, posted on ‘Natural News‘ (NaturalNews) From edible landscaping to biointensive gardening, Americans around the nation are discovering the financial beauty … Continue reading

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Why are we still in ‘Vietghanistan?’

A message from a veteran.   A real story from a real soldier.  A human being who has experienced training and warfare and survived. Not just retaining his life but retaining his sanity and his sense of right and wrong, his … Continue reading

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The Special Loophole in Hell for War Lawyers By David Swanson

More “ammunition” (from the almighty ‘pen’ as distinct from the sword), against war and war crimes. The warring situation has become so widespread and out of common-sense control that it seems impossible to see the end or even to see … Continue reading

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Western War on “just about everybody else”

This endless warmongering is a frustrating thing to include in this blog. One gets a strong feeling of the futility of presenting the truth to the public. Nothing seems to change, except for the worse.  With this mention of the … Continue reading

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Myth of Perpetual Growth is killing America : Information Clearing House

I am no economist but I can see logic when it hits me in the face. For decades, it has been obvious that a financial system based on growth has validity only whilst the growth continues, and then only if … Continue reading

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The truth about the Syrian massacres

Copy of a CEC Australia News report.  Why do our media print lies? Why do the Western alliances tell lies? Wake up World! Australia’s narrowly-controlled news media is bombarding the Australian people with one-sided reporting of the Syrian crisis that … Continue reading

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