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More Afghans Dead: Karzai Blasts the United States

Robert Dreyfuss, The Nation, has this article posted on Sott,net. The US has lost the plot in many areas and in many ways, including Afghanistan where it has lost its war on terror and its war of terror, neither of … Continue reading

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Collapse at Hand: The Economy Comes Unglued

This Sott.net post appears to be a reasonable assessment of the current global financial situation.  Paul Craig Roberts of Counterpunch is the author. Ever since the beginning of the financial crisis and Quantitative Easing, the question has been before us: … Continue reading

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US Attempts to Mass-Murder Its Way to Victory in Syria.

This article by Tony Cartalucci , ‘Land destroyer’, adds more substance to this blog’s belief that the US is violating international laws and abusing the rights of the Syrian government to defend itself against an outside threat. The US and … Continue reading

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Bypassing Surgery: Can Leafy Greens Repair Your Arteries?

From GreenMedInfo, by Margie King, Health Coach We all know that leafy green vegetables are good for us, but do you know why they’re so good?  There are plenty of reasons but, when it comes to heart health, the secret … Continue reading

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