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Inconvenient paleoclimate data that hasn’t been published

One reader commenter calls this a smoking gun. I can see why. What makes it more interesting is that the information is known to the alarmist scientists and they choose to ignore it. Perhaps they have a scientific reason? If … Continue reading

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‘Vitamin D Guide’ infographic explains importance of vitamin D for optimal health

“Vitamin D can prevent practically every disease known to man” There’s a statement that will raise the ire of the medical fraternity. Well, it’s contained in this ‘Natural News‘ article by Ethan A. Huff. Probably a grain of salt is … Continue reading

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Infographic – Ten ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar

CV health, general health. This ‘Natural News‘ article by  J. D. Heyes, shows one path to minimize prescription drug taking. (Also not forgetting the traditional fresh “apple a day” hint). (NaturalNews) You may not think of apple cider vinegar as … Continue reading

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Australian three-year-olds targeted for bogus psychiatric disorders such as sleeping with the light on

A ‘Natural News’ post by Mike Bundrant.  [Thanks Crystal  @ TIP] (NaturalNews) The Australian government and the Australian Medical Association are targeting 27,000 three-year-olds for psychiatric treatment. A new government funded program seeks to treat normal preschool children to discover … Continue reading

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