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Threat of ANAO Audit means Australia’s BOM throws out temperature set,

Another Jo Nova post. Surely an admission by the Australian BOM of having cheated? Joanne Nova and Ken Stewart A team of independent auditors, bloggers and scientists went through the the BOM “High Quality” (HQ) dataset and found significant errors, … Continue reading

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The UN defines “climate change” as being man-made: Orwell could not have done it better

Thanks Jo Nova, for this post. Sloppy language works for cheats and charlatans. In the search for the truth only accurate language will do. Orwell understood the power of language to change the way we think, indeed to fence off … Continue reading

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Sweet Corn

Ditto on claimed safety – not valid! Eat at your own risk and ask how such food production and marketing can be allowed in a civilized population.? Related articles The FDA’s powers are increasing and farmers should be worried (EndtheLie.com) … Continue reading

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Biotech Leader ‘Syngenta’ Charged Over Covering Up Animal Deaths from GM Corn

So the safety of GM foods may not be accepted as stated by the manufacturers and the FDA and other organizations purportedly responsible for the public’s safety! Related articles How California’s GM food referendum may change what America eats | … Continue reading

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Nuclear Waste problems

One of the serious costs often neglected in practical terms and also in the assessment of of the desirability of nuclear power generation. Related articles Utilities to suffer 4.4 tril. yen loss if 50 reactors decommissioned (english.kyodonews.jp)

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Rock Art – Australian Aboriginal masterpiece

So we don’t get too fixated on our daily and worldly issues. This article, stirs my imagination and suddenly I have a desire to write an article on our majestic indigenous Australian people and history. It is nothing less than … Continue reading

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