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AGW – Climate Change – Unsettled Science

Originally posted on Climate Change:
Image via Wikipedia Image via Wikipedia Outline Change in the planetary winds (conceptually documented in the diagram above) is the least remarked but most influential dynamic affecting surface temperature.  Wind is a response to pressure…

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Vaccinations – More worrying information.

A hard-hitting view of the vaccination scene sourced at ‘Natural News‘. Given the evidence of the damage being done, this article seems appropriate. Related articles Myth busted: Vaccinations are not immunizations (tgrule.com) Italian court rules MMR vaccine did trigger autism … Continue reading

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Are Happy People Healthier? New Reasons to Stay Positive

A nice relief from the doom and gloom! This article from, of all places the ‘Oprah’ magazine. I hope readers will realize that my source for this was the internet with no direct connection to Oprah, enough said. Scientists are … Continue reading

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9/11 – A reminder of the civilization wrecking conspiracy.

Not the first time this has surfaced, but worth publishing here because it is a concise summary and seems to be very much on the ball. Also because it is the root cause/excuse for all the recent-past, and current Middle … Continue reading

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