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Diet or Drugs to Prevent Heart Disease

A Brilliant Post, IMHO. Thank you Dr Axel F. Sigurdsson MD, PhD, FACC. This ‘Doc’s Opinion’ article is linked here. Also read its connected comments for further insights. The risk of heart disease has been associated with countless different things. Smoking, … Continue reading

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Debunking the cholesterol myth and cultivating true heart health

A timely post from Sott.net by Carolanne Wright, continues the “argument” that mainstream medical authorities may be incorrect in their “war” on cholesterol. Particularly in the insistence of life-long use of statin drugs when the scientific basis for such a … Continue reading

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Are Happy People Healthier? New Reasons to Stay Positive

A nice relief from the doom and gloom! This article from, of all places the ‘Oprah’ magazine. I hope readers will realize that my source for this was the internet with no direct connection to Oprah, enough said. Scientists are … Continue reading

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