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Could Unvaccinated Children Get Less Asthma or Allergies?

This is a sort of summary article and quite a good overview of the vaccination picture and its associated pros and cons. It is presented by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D, posted at ‘Care2.com’ What is vaccination? Vaccination is also referred to … Continue reading

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Three Rogue Nations – Order or Chaos

Very enlightening! Of course, we all know that Israel was artificially created to drive a HUGE wedge into the oil-producing and political power structure of the Middle East. All the Arab and Muslim nations in that region are ‘perfectly’ controlled … Continue reading

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Israel fitting nuclear arms on German-supplied subs: report

I have to thank TIP for revealing this article. It is extremely interesting. Firstly it is basically in the public arena, per Yahoo News. Secondly, it confirms the link between Israel and Germany. Thirdly, it shows Germany’s interest and involvement … Continue reading

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Insiders Predict A 5 -Day Bank Holiday In Europe Before Euro Ends, Renminbi May Relave US Dollar In September

Originally posted on Lucas 2012 Infos:
The final showdown in the ongoing financial war is appearing imminent. The 140 nation BRICS alliance is preparing to offer to buy up all cash US dollars and replace them with a new currency backed…

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Breaking – Exclusive: Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit

Readers will probably already be aware of my critical attitude to much that recognised authorities both do and tell us. My favourite topics range from health and happiness right through to conspiracies. What my posts usually have in common is that … Continue reading

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