The truth about the Syrian massacres

Copy of a CEC Australia News report.  Why do our media print lies? Why do the Western alliances tell lies? Wake up World!

Australia’s narrowly-controlled news media is bombarding the Australian people with one-sided reporting of the Syrian crisis that blames all atrocities on President Assad, and demonises the Russian government as the obstacle to a solution. The reporting is designed to lure Australians into supporting yet another act of “regime change”, this time in Syria, justified under the UN-adopted Tony Blair doctrine, Responsibility to Protect (R2P), but which Russian has warned constitutes an assault on the principle of national sovereignty and risks a nuclear war.

Outside of Australia, reports are surfacing that are wildly different to what the Australian media is reporting. A June 7 article in Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung by Rainer Hermann, noted around the world, established that victims of the May 25 Houla massacre, elsewhere reported at over 100, were Alawite and Shi’tte religious minorities and the family of a reputed Sunni “turncoat” (against the opposition), slaughtered in cold blood by Washington- and London-supported Sunni Syrian rebels, who then made videos of the corpses of their victims and broadcast them over the internet, falsely portraying them as Sunni victims of pro-Assad militias.

Like the later reported massacre in Qubeir, which occurred one day before critical UN Security Council meetings on Syria scheduled for Thursday, June 7, the earlier Houla massacre occurred Friday, May 25, shortly before Kofi Annan’s report-back to the UN Security Council scheduled for Tuesday, May 29. Knowing that the Assad government might not have been responsible for Houla, Russia took emergency action to convene a UN Security Council meeting on Sunday, May 27 to try to head off preemptive retaliation from the U.S., Britain, France and the Saudis against Syria. Russia insisted that the Security Council hear the UN observers’ report on Houla—which were inconclusive—but many countries nevertheless retaliated, and increased the war fever, by expelling Syrian diplomats over subsequent days; Australia was the first.

FAZ reporter Hermann based his account entirely on eyewitness reports by Assad opponents, who did not want their names used because oppositionists who refuse to resort to force are murdered, or at least threatened. He wrote that the massacre occurred after Friday prayers on May 25, when Sunni rebels attacked the three Syrian Army roadblocks around Houla, whose purpose was to protect the Alawite towns at overwhelmingly Sunnite Houla from attack. [President Assad is also Alawite.]

Units of the Syrian Army reinforced the roadblocks that were under attack, and 90 minutes of fighting ensued, killing dozens of soldiers and rebels. During the fighting the three villages of Houla were cordoned off from the outside world.

“According to eyewitness accounts,” the FAZ report continues “the massacre occurred during this time. Those killed were almost exclusively families belonging to Houla’s Alawi and Shi’a minorities. Over 90% of Houla’s population are Sunnis. Several dozen members of a family were slaughtered, which had converted from Sunni to Shi’a Islam. Members of the Shomaliya, an Alawite family, were also killed, as was the family of a Sunni member of the Syrian parliament, because he was regarded as a collaborator. Immediately after the massacre, the perpetrators filmed their victims and then presented them as Sunni victims in videos posted on the internet.” [Translation from German based on John Rosenthal, National Review Online.] This FAZ is the most prominent of several stories that have come out quoting eyewitnesses who are naming the Syrian rebels as the culprits in the attacks. On June 10, the British Mail Online published that “a group of Western women in Damascus has contacted the Mail on Sunday [June 10] to say rebels fire upon the army with the sole purpose of inciting riot and mayhem.

“They mention a peaceful march in which a rebel pulled out a gun and shot dead an unarmed policeman. The following riot was reported as a police attack on peaceful protesters, they say.” The author, Peter McKay, says that he has not been able to verify the report, but it is not the only instance of similar reporting. He also writes that Britain’s “Channel 4’s chief correspondent, Alex Thomson, says Syrian rebels tried to have him and his team killed by Assad forces by leading them into a firefight,” because “‘Dead journalists are bad for Damascus’.” A third major story in a Dutch publication, about the Houla massacre by “Dutch Middle East expert Martin Jansse” also quotes witness to opposition atrocities carried out in Syria.

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