European Action against ESM

Initiated by Rudo de Ruijter, independent researcher, Olivier van Noortstraat 13, 6991 BG Rheden, Netherlands
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The Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) has been signed 2 February 2012 and Brussels wants it to be in force 1 July 2012. However, before that, the Parliaments and Senats of the 17 euro-countries still have to vote  wether they accept this dangerous treaty or not. These procedures for the ratification have already started! We have to act very urgently and efficiently!

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English text of the treaty:
(If unavailable, here a copy )

The ESM in very short

The ESM has the appearance of an emergency fund. It is a permanent fund, replacing the EFSF and EFSM established in 2010. With a starting capital of 700 billion euros, it can decide itself to increase this capital indefinitely and claim the payments by the national Treasuries whenever it wants. To give you an idea what 700 billion represents, that is for each country a contribution that comes close to the amount of the income taxes for one year. Long live the budget cuts! Long live austerity! The ESM disposes of this money as it likes, without the least democratic influence, without any control, without having to account to anyone. A real dictatorship!

Its official purpose is to help countries with financial difficulties. In fact, it loads ever more debts on indebted countries. Its loans come with conditions that put the countries under guardianship, replacing democratically chosen leaders by bankers. With imposed budget cuts, the ESM acts as a demolisher, that deliberately causes severe economic crises and massive unemployment. That goes for the countries that contribute financially, as well as the countries that accept to borrow from the ESM. It is the Choc Doctrine as described by Naomi Klein.

Politicians, like the Dutch Rutte and de Jager, like to make believe that it’s the countries own fault if they are indebted. They would employ too many officials, they would have taken bad decisions, they would be lazy-bones or they would have lied about the debts they had. Note that none of these countries had major problems when they entered the eurozone. He would not have been accepted. In fact, the cause of their indebtment is the euro! Read the explanation in the letter here below.

To stop the ESM, all Europeans have an interest that this treaty gets the least possible ratifications.

A collective letter has been sent to the parliamentarians and senators who vote about its ratification.

This article explains what the bankers are doing in Europe. Individual countries have no standing. Citizens have no value, they only provided all the efforts to support the development of countries, only to have it all taken away from them and be driven into debt, while unlimited money is available to the governors to enable the control of the whole of Europe.

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