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Fukushima Radiation Concerns

This is more of a summary but does add some new information. A degree of comment and speculation provides some extremely scary outcomes and recommendations. I think the possibilities are real so here they are. It would be very satisfying … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm of Planetary Proportions

The approach of the solar maximum is an urgent reminder that power grids everywhere are more vulnerable than ever to geomagnetic effects This post by John Kappenman,  ref. http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/the-smarter-grid/a-perfect-storm-of-planetary-proportions/0 Photo: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA Flare Up: The sun emits an M-class (moderate … Continue reading

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Vaccinations – Measles – Necessary, or profit making?

Simply adding more ‘fuel to the fire’, as the evidence of profiteering grows, and the possibility of population control agenda being implemented increases.

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Confession of the soul (Christof Lehman), and me too!

Originally posted on nsnbc:
I am an anti-semite: because I am telling the truth about the fact that Germany 2012 de facto is still under occupation; under administration by a government that is dependent on the Supreme Allied Command; Governed…

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