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FEMA camps, Arming Government Utility Organizations and Fire-arm controls – Should we be concerned about these issues? Should we be scared?

Two articles published elsewhere this week, together with another recent one, describe authoritarian behaviour that seems to be bordering on the inconceivable. It is difficult to understand any plausible explanation for this behaviour, other than a deliberate, planned, blatant attack … Continue reading

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U.S. Congress introduces bill ordering FEMA to conduct ‘mass fatality planning’

Just a bit more exposure, it seems so important. Also wondering about these domes – “Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast in Preparation for Something to Come” Related articles Strange Domes to Line the Texas Coast in Preparation for … Continue reading

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A Perfect Storm of Planetary Proportions

The approach of the solar maximum is an urgent reminder that power grids everywhere are more vulnerable than ever to geomagnetic effects This post by John Kappenman,  ref. http://spectrum.ieee.org/energy/the-smarter-grid/a-perfect-storm-of-planetary-proportions/0 Photo: Solar Dynamics Observatory/NASA Flare Up: The sun emits an M-class (moderate … Continue reading

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