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House Passes HR 4133 Binding the US to Israel and Their War Agenda

Susanne Posel, Activist Post, is the author of this article, posted on Sott.net. The US citizens are largely unaware that their country is basically controlled by Israel, as I understand it, by a group or movement termed Zionists. The latter … Continue reading

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9/11 – Piling on the evidence “Not the Muslims”

So much evidence to refute the official story. “When will they ever learn?” This question applies to the public as well as the warmongers. This particular post takes the gloves off and levels the blame squarely at Israel. More and … Continue reading

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Gates, GAVI, and WHO Administered Fake Malaria Vaccines

More support for this blog’s suspicions about the global vaccination programs. Related articles Child Paralyzed By Vaccines And Stolen From Her Mother By The State (tgrule.com) HIV vaccine trial failure (bio230fall2010.wordpress.com)

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