The Science of the Lambs

A very good article dealing with the workings of “science” and the relationship of its validity to its presentation, the honesty of the presenter and the agenda bias that exists and influences it!

“The research project which I put forward to the Rockefeller Foundation was awarded a handsome grant, but it sadly came to grief over an understandable difference of scientific judgment between me and the scientists, Dr Tom Wigley, whom we appointed to take charge of the research.”

Please read this post thoroughly if you are a believer in CAGW and please comment if you are not influenced and why.  [ BTW, I have to thank “Bloke down the pub” (a ‘Digging in Clay’ reader) for my reblog title, “Science of the Lambs”. I thought it very clever!]

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Digging in the Clay

 In David Archibald’s post over at WUWT Premonitions of the Fall (in temperature) there was a comment from Dr Tim Ball that seemed worth giving a bit of separate life.

The full comment is here but I’ve excerpted most of it:

the IPCC has frozen climate science progress since its inception. Lamb knew what was going to happen as he recorded in his autobiography (1997). He created the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) because

“…it was clear that the first and greatest need was to establish the facts of the past record of the natural climate in times before any side effects of human activities could well be important.”

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3 Responses to The Science of the Lambs

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    • This is an intriguing comment and document to which you refer. At first I couldn’t figure the context of looking back on possible future scenarios. Then a quick look at the Rockefeller Foundation document clarified this when I read
      “We believe that scenario planning has great potential for use in philanthropy to identify unique interventions, simulate and rehearse important decisions that could have profound implications, and highlight previously undiscovered areas of connection and intersection. Most important, by providing a methodological structure that helps us focus on what we don’t know — instead of what we already know — scenario planning allows us to achieve impact more effectively.”
      So besides providing themselves with a “tool” for forward planning, they avoid the risk of being wrong about making future predictions.
      Very clever! What else would you expect from them?
      Thanks for this contribution! It would make an interesting post to add here.
      RE the London Olympics, the “grapevine” has it that that idea has been changed to a mass destruction event involving Japan. Time will tell.

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