AGW – What will the New Year bring us regarding this Pseudo-Science Scam?

Relationship of Earth's orbit to periods of gl...

Relationship of Earth’s orbit to periods of glaciation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Realizing two things this morning – that I haven’t offered  a personal post this year, only reblogs, and I haven’t recently checked up on the musings of an “old” blogging friend E.M Smith at “Musings from the Chiefio“, the ideal topic to start 2013 off has been born!

While the “warmists” continue their political, financial and global-control agendas, via senseless carbon control machinations, in turn based on unsubstantiated science and even lies, there are others who can be proud of their knowledge and application of genuine science and their impartial agendas, who are contributing to the wealth of information telling the “other side” of the story.

I refer to two of Chiefio’s recent posts:

Interesting Cosmic Rays Paper

The content is based on a scientific paper by others, and I, in turn, extract a little to highlight the topic and sense of this article.


Our approach, based on entirely independent studies from astrophysics and geosciences, yields a surprisingly consistent picture of climate evolution on geological time scales. At a minimum, the results demonstrate that the approach is potentially viable, as is the proposition that celestial phenomena may be important for understanding the vagaries of the planetary climate. Pending further confirmation, one interpretation of the above result could be that the global climate possesses a stabilizing negative feedback. A likely candidate for such a feedback is cloud cover (Lindzen, 1997; Ou, 2001). If so, it would imply that the water cycle is the thermostat of climate dynamics, acting both as a positive (water vapor) and negative (clouds) feedback, with the carbon cycle “piggybacking” on, and being modified by, the water cycle (Nemani et al., 2002; Lovett, 2002; Lee and Veizer, 2003).”

Chiefio’s own conclusion:

Once again we have folks coming to the same conclusion, that this is a Water World, and global climate is driven by our place in the solar system and the galaxy, with natural modifications of the water cycle. Different approaches, from different scales and with different data, all showing the same thing.

Here Nir Shaviv looks at things from a galactic point of view and on a global scale with a hundreds of million years time scale. On the micro end, tropical thunderstorms are shown to be activated by daily heating, and quiet as the sun sets, their daily and very local cooling job done for the day. In between we saw that variations in lunar tidal effects on the oceans match a medium time scale of oscillations and that changes in ocean currents can explain the hysteresis seen during D.O. Events and Heinrich Events. At every scale we come to the same conclusion. It’s the water, Jim

(For those not saturated with 1980s American cultural influence, the last line is a tortured play on the stock line from Star Trek where “Bones” would turn to Capt. Jim Kirk and say “He’s dead, Jim.” Done so often it became a cliché. So in this case it implies looking at the CO2 thesis and saying “He’s dead, Jim. (It’s the water)…” as often just after pronouncing ‘dead Jim’ we’d have an explanation of what / why…)

And, ” Lunar Cycles, more than one…

Here, Chiefio, in saying that he is just taking a few notes, actually reveals much.

There are many different Lunar Cycles. I think they are involved in how the weather cycles over various time frames. So I’m just going to be ‘taking some notes’ here, so that I don’t have to keep running all over the place when I want to see if some other thing matches one of these lunar cycles.

There follows an enormous compilation of scientific data, perhaps laborious to wade through, but very telling in its material and very scientifically oriented. His conclusion is:

It looks to me like, going forward in time past zero, we have about a 1500 year plunge into cold staring us in the face. Worse than the Little Ice Age (higher peak and greater ink density in the middle). The really good bit, though, is that it looks like we’re somewhat warm for a couple of hundred years until it gets really rolling. So “not my problem”…

That’s all just based on lunar tidal effects, though, so we will find out if a Sleepy Sun has a big enough impact to gives us a cold 30 years even if that doesn’t show up on this long duration time scale… It’s hard to read, but that first chart looks like it has a spike that goes up to touch the line ‘c’ at about ‘now’. So perhaps a cold decade then some relief.

We also have to keep in mind that this is in the context of a constantly changing insolation pattern and that we’re ‘on the edge’ of the flip into the next glacial, so at some point that shift in the ocean currents will happen. It is possible that the next “dip” into cold in 1500 years or so will be unrecoverable to our present level of warmth and that we’ll be on our way to glaciation about then.

At this point I think I’ve reached the end of the lunar cycles on various time scales. If I run into any more, I’ll add them. I would only note that the 23,000 year cycle they mention in the paper is remarkably similar to the precession period of the Earth (or the potential orbital period of our Sun about a companion star) and thus is also the Maya calendar cycle. I suspect that what the Maya calendar cycle was saying was not that this is ‘the end’, but rather that this is as good as it gets and the next many thousands start a long slow slide into cold. My read on the 23,000 year cycle chart looks like we’re about at the turn to the other direction. Add that to a 5000 year cycle turn and an 1800 year peak warmth spot, well, lets just say I’d not be moving to Alaska any time soon. Florida and Texas would be better choices.

As those cold spikes also were times of droughts in the north (Minnesota lake sediments) or Egypt / Mesopotamia (Akkadian empire fell, and Egyptians had a great famine then too in the 4.2 ky event IIRC) while in the L.I.A. Europe was soaked in cold rains; expect some ‘re-arranging’ of where the water goes in the next centuries. (At least, I hope it is centuries away… and the Sleepy Sun doesn’t give us a ‘taster’ sooner…)

All in all, it looks like the world of about 3500 AD “has issues”. Then again, I’m hoping we make it that far, and if we do, are already living on other planets and in orbital colonies. We really do need to start getting off this rock. It’s just not all that safe and stable a place…

Until that time, though, it looks to me like the Moon matters as much as the Sun, and that watching both the Moon and Sun can explain pretty much all of the weather cycles that “climate scientists” like to pretend is climate.

My conclusion is that the material offered in these articles can be deemed meaningful and relevant to the world’s climate variabilities and is in stark contrast to the pseudo-science proffered by the IPCC and its minions and the media, and that is meekly accepted as truth by the public.

[Perhaps I still haven’t created an original post but at least have offered a strong opinion piece and contributed to the promotion of the truth in the important so-called “climate change” debate].

Happy New Climate Year!

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